New Year passed by while I was sound asleep. It was the first time that happened to me, at least as an adult. My marathon viewing of Games of Thrones exacted a toll on my wakefulness. I did not even hear the loud fireworks most merrymakers exploded at midnight. I was somewhere else, in the dreamworld to be exact.

Hours later, I found out that the first day of 2015 was no different from the last day of 2014. I woke up as usual, almost the same minute of the same hour every morning (due mainly to a changed sleeping habit) and back to my unfinished field work. It would seem nothing changed a bit in our part of the world.

Yet,  things changed elsewhere, events we were no aware of, occurrences that might or might not have any bearing to our simple lives. Unless it is Armageddon happening in a global scale, we would have not known of it. We would continue to exist the only way we know: subsist on a daily basis.

This seeming ignorance of information outside our locality is the main reason why I want to stay connected, be online everyday. In an important way, I could impart to others, those who are interested, vital facts that are not necessarily reported on local news. Yes, I could withheld the same information and keep it to myself but that’s not the genuine use of received information: it is dissemination.

It’s unfortunate that I missed several important news the past days I was off the Net. More unfortunate still was what actually reached us were the terrible and horrible events that claimed lives because of the continuing conflicts in the world.

People elsewhere should try to negotiate for peace. They will absolutely love it like we do.




There are world issues we faithfully believe in, at times to the point we appear fanatically obsessed.

To protect the environment is one of them.

If we do not succeed in our cause, I am absolutely sure that Nature will fight back and punish us all in the end.



Please look around you. Observe.

Financial assistance is not the only means we could help others.



We breathe the same air, can we be more tolerant with one another?

Let us try harder not to judge people because of our biases.



Peace everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂



Keep striving for peace!

It’s all worth it!


Fair Enough

Something to think about before we sleep.

Perhaps, we’ll be enlightened and do the right thing when we wake up tomorrow.

Have a wonderful night everyone!

Be well!


Net Neutral







We often hear about conflict of interest. It is a motive to take advantage of a particular situation where one wants to take the cake and eat it too, so to speak.

Imagine a lawyer, assigned to argue a case in court. He defends it to the best of his abilities but lost. He files a motion for reconsideration to sway the judges’ original decision to his favor.

Lo and behold, the same lawyer is suddenly appointed to be a judge of the same case he lost defending while the motion for reconsideration is passed to another lawyer to handle. What is the chance that the original decision will be overturned?

If you think this situation happens only in the imagination of writers, watch and listen to the news and you will be astounded by the absolute ‘in your face’ insult to the intelligence of ordinary people.

Oh, the powers that be would be quick to point out the independence of the courts, blah, blah, blah, and the shining integrity of the appointed to judge based on the law. Tell this to a child and most likely you’ll receive a frown while saying, “Are you joking?”

The old days of spoon feeding are over. People wants to check first what’s on the spoon before opening their mouths. Who would want to digest poison dipped in honey?

Governments should respect peoples’ intelligence nowadays. It is a good thing that the majority of citizens of the world believes in sobriety and the rule of law. Otherwise, all hell will break lose.

History is not written only to be read but to learn from.



If yesterday I had nothing to write about, today I want to write so many things at the same time. 😀

First off, on top of my head, was a TV episode on National Geographic about the Filipinos and their romance with basketball. An American sports journalist discovered the sport’s popularity and its importance to the daily lives of ordinary enthusiasts, most especially the poor. Like football to South Americans and Africans, the ball and the hoops offer not only entertainment but for some, hopes of financial rewards if they reached the big leagues.

I will not bore you with mechanics of the game itself since most of you know more about it than I do. What I feel I had to point out are the images of poverty in the background.

In a fire razed old building that formerly housed a big ballroom, a restaurant and bar and all other amenities found in a hotel, a large number of poor people populated the abandoned spaces inside. In a nutshell, they formed a distinct neighborhood as if they lived in a condominium, though obviously the affluence never existed.

Not to be deprived of entertainment while using their inborn ingenuity (we call street-smart ways), they converted the rooftop as their own basketball arena, a village square of sorts to while away the blues, expel extra energies or pass the time to forget that eating was a necessary part of living. It’s their way of life, their existence within a big city in the national capital probably ignored.

In the documentary, they smiled so generously, masking the harsh life they experienced daily. They looked vibrant and spirited, hiding their weakened state, the lack of sustenance evident in their lean physical built. They talked and expressed themselves animatedly, consciously denying their hopeless condition as obstacle to happy and contented living. They did not want the camera to record their constant fears of not making it the next day, only the bright side of their current state.

Look around us and mirror their condition to other parts of the world. They are luckier than those living in war zones, in virus-vulnerable and crime-torn localities. Yet, that seemingly good fortune does not free them from the consequences of society’s indifference.

They exist. We just let them be.