We often hear about conflict of interest. It is a motive to take advantage of a particular situation where one wants to take the cake and eat it too, so to speak.

Imagine a lawyer, assigned to argue a case in court. He defends it to the best of his abilities but lost. He files a motion for reconsideration to sway the judges’ original decision to his favor.

Lo and behold, the same lawyer is suddenly appointed to be a judge of the same case he lost defending while the motion for reconsideration is passed to another lawyer to handle. What is the chance that the original decision will be overturned?

If you think this situation happens only in the imagination of writers, watch and listen to the news and you will be astounded by the absolute ‘in your face’ insult to the intelligence of ordinary people.

Oh, the powers that be would be quick to point out the independence of the courts, blah, blah, blah, and the shining integrity of the appointed to judge based on the law. Tell this to a child and most likely you’ll receive a frown while saying, “Are you joking?”

The old days of spoon feeding are over. People wants to check first what’s on the spoon before opening their mouths. Who would want to digest poison dipped in honey?

Governments should respect peoples’ intelligence nowadays. It is a good thing that the majority of citizens of the world believes in sobriety and the rule of law. Otherwise, all hell will break lose.

History is not written only to be read but to learn from.



5 thoughts on “Temerity

  1. I agree with your words. And definitely, history is to be learned from. Otherwise, we are doomed to make the same mistakes…groups who one minute are the victim become the victimizer, and people are not looked at as fellow human beings…the cause of so many sufferings have their start in not viewing human beings like fellow human beings. That dignity, truth and love is only deserving for a few.

    1. Revenge should stop at some point. The tit-for-tat violence scars generations that no one wishes to stop the killings.
      You are correct: we should treat others as we treat ourselves. as human beings.

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