New Year passed by while I was sound asleep. It was the first time that happened to me, at least as an adult. My marathon viewing of Games of Thrones exacted a toll on my wakefulness. I did not even hear the loud fireworks most merrymakers exploded at midnight. I was somewhere else, in the dreamworld to be exact.

Hours later, I found out that the first day of 2015 was no different from the last day of 2014. I woke up as usual, almost the same minute of the same hour every morning (due mainly to a changed sleeping habit) and back to my unfinished field work. It would seem nothing changed a bit in our part of the world.

Yet,  things changed elsewhere, events we were no aware of, occurrences that might or might not have any bearing to our simple lives. Unless it is Armageddon happening in a global scale, we would have not known of it. We would continue to exist the only way we know: subsist on a daily basis.

This seeming ignorance of information outside our locality is the main reason why I want to stay connected, be online everyday. In an important way, I could impart to others, those who are interested, vital facts that are not necessarily reported on local news. Yes, I could withheld the same information and keep it to myself but that’s not the genuine use of received information: it is dissemination.

It’s unfortunate that I missed several important news the past days I was off the Net. More unfortunate still was what actually reached us were the terrible and horrible events that claimed lives because of the continuing conflicts in the world.

People elsewhere should try to negotiate for peace. They will absolutely love it like we do.



8 thoughts on “Semblance

  1. Peace would be wonderful. Such a shame that arms manufacturers are so in league with their Governments so that keeping wars going or starting new ones is so good for business.Governments have forgotten that they’re supposed to be good for the people.

    1. You’re quite right. Wars happen because there are opportunities waiting in the wings. Reconstruction is one of them.
      It’s funny how nations destroy themselves and then those who sold them the weapons will also be there to rebuild all those that were destroyed.
      It’s like the doctor telling you to cut yourself so he could sew you up.

  2. I actually missed it too… I felt so ill all day and night so just slept it away… I wonder why? cleansing, clearing, preparing to be strong to face this horrific world we have all created… but simutaneously living a joyous life with in my home, with my family and friends… Take care barbara x

    1. It just so happened I was not online for a long time that I felt New Year as another simple day. Well, I hope your new year is as rewarding as you hoped for. Blessings.

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