Ever experienced sometimes when you talk to someone, that the conversation you’re having seemed out of synchronization? That both of you discussed a subject  matter but leading to different realization because both of you have different agendas in mind..

I have just gotten out of one, an hour ago. I am still a bit confused.

The incident arose from an unknown animal, which allegedly took a chicken from a nest in the field. In the past, these things happened. A common occurrence in the rural setting.

But because of the conversation though,  my mind suspected a real person was the culprit. I had also the feeling that the man in front of me kept on misleading me to look to the other direction.

Sometimes, we act too politely to cut off someone if we don’t want the conversation prolonged or where the conversation is going to. If we do, we can utter a rejoinder that may or may not appeal to someone we have a discussion with.

If I had really given him a real piece of my mind, he might get offended. Whether he is guilty or not, he could have taken my word out of context. He could resent the way I was leading him to a confession..

How do you handle individuals who act this way? You could get as much distance from them to prevent yourself committing things you do not intend to do or say in the first place.

Or maybe, you just let karmic justice takes its course.



5 thoughts on “Shady

  1. it all depends on the situation, but if I am to be honest with myself, I probably tend yo confrontation. It isnt that I like conflict, but i tend to be brutally honest both in facts I’ve witnessed and in stating my opinion. Unfortunately in society today, honesty is not highly valurd. So when I state things plainly, rather than being appreciated it is seen as confrontational.

    1. I don’t like to hurt feelings even those I consider who dislike me. Words often create bad blood that could eventually lead to violence. That’s what I always want to avoid.
      Like you said, honesty is not highly valued nowadays, but again the circumstances often dictate what to say or what not to.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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