In business, there is what we call the law of supply and demand. Manufacturers produce a certain product that will be bought by consumers. As long as the product sells, production continues.

But what if the product sold and bought has both the capacity to do good and bad? That it could be used or misused by anyone holding its power?

The arms industry is one those businesses that provides this intriguing dilemma. One one hand, its products could be used for defensive purposes. On the other hand, for offensive uses, both legal and illegal, depending on who calls the shots.

The industry provides jobs and helps in propping up the government economy. Like other businesses, it exists to earn profits. As long as there are wars, insurgencies and other armed conflicts, its products will have customers.

Even peace, as we know it, is often preserved with the gun on the ready. Peacemakers are armed to the teeth to repel any or both sides of the conflict to protect the unarmed civilians.

Then, there’s the threats of terrorism. It is a real headache that often asks the question: who really started the fire? And, more often than not, our so-called enemies use the same weapons as we do. It’s an irony, of course, that we will be threatened by the same product our industry manufactured in the first place.

Realistically, the world will not be rid of weapons. That is a sad fact we have to accept. There will always be people who would fight hard to keep the power of the gun, literally and figuratively.

I hope we will not commit a racial suicide in the end by killing ourselves with our own weapons of mass destruction.



2 thoughts on “Tricky

  1. Conflict is a fact of mankind. Neither it nor the weapons industry will be gone soon. We cant conrrol other men, but we can control ourselves. So the best we can do is live our lives with love and peace.

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