One of my godchildren brought with him his pet guinea pig when he visited yesterday. It was inside a small enclosure, made out of slats from sliced bamboo, that resembled a bird cage. White as snow, it has transparent red eyes that evoke of sadness, much like human eyes after a whole day of crying.

The first time I saw the animal, I wonder why the image of a person in front of the computer flashed on as if there is connection somewhere. I watched the animal holding a stem of local grass to its mouth, nibbling continuously until the length shortens and disappears. Then, it continues with another piece and repeats the same process.

Well, it is not a far-fetched comparison really. We sit in front of the computer and search for information in the Web. We nibble bits and pieces of desired data. We consume them and satiate our hunger for knowledge.

The guinea pig will not experience hunger with the abundant supply of grass. For us, we will not be famished because the Internet is an ever-expanding universe of information.

Even the cage, where the guinea pig rests and gets protection, ours are own spheres of mobility and rules of legal activities.

Like pets that are being taken cared of by us, we in turn are hosted by Fate, the sometimes whimsical turn of events and coincidences that we try to control.

Oh, I’m grateful the guinea pig did not stay too long. My cat kept giving it a murderous look. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Analogous

  1. Does the guinea pig get stressed out when offered too much grass? Like I get stressed out from information overload!?! Probably not, that lucky guinea pig! 😉

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