I Write Read You

I woke up on the right side of the bed. The wall. A small bump before my day began was all I needed to jog the contents of what I call my brain.

Well, it seemed Dr. Jekyll did not accompany Mr. Hyde this minute. Yesterday, the doctor held sway, espousing serious opinions his alter ego wanted to hide somewhere unreachable. That cat fight started it all, I guess, waking up the doctor who was sound asleep with his nightmares.

Mr. Hyde would not share the doctor’s bleak outlooks about life. He needed light entertainment, inspiring thoughts and a lot of laughter along the way.

“So, it’s you and I, Mr. Hyde today.”

Don’t worry, guys and gals, I am not having a split personality syndrome or something. I have to change themes daily so I would not get stuck to being serious, humorous or hungry for love and relationship for a longer period than necessary. It’s my form of coping mechanism to treat everyday different. No use sulking around or grinning like crazy all the time. The variety is my spice of life.

Those who are old readers of this blog (not necessarily old in age, mind you) would attest to my swinging post contents. New readers might wonder where am I going. Well, I am going forward, backwards, sideways whenever I feel like it. That’s how my mind works. 😀

I am never choosy. I will read whatever it is you are posting. Freedom of expression with responsibility is my mantra. You took time to prepare your posts so it is but fair that I give time to read them. 🙂

P.S. I press ‘like’ as fast a s gunslinger would draw his gun and fire. However, I only comment if I have something to say. Otherwise, I could be as mute as a tiny mouse. 😀



18 thoughts on “I Write Read You

      1. There are words that sum up the post content. Once you find it, you will readily understand what the writer wants to convey. That’s how I do it. Perhaps, others have their own method. Stick to what you are comfortable with. 🙂

  1. “Freedom of expression with responsibility is my mantra.” Dear belsbror could you explain to me, for a young reader….it is about assuming what you do? even you failed? if i have a Big Dream…just keep going? with….??? by my side…love your stories…not all 😛 only with happy end

    1. Mantra is like this. Repeat after me: I will succeed! Do this whenever you have doubts especially when you are on a project. If you work hard and believe, then you already win half the battle.
      Freedom of expression gives us the right to express ourselves in speech, writing or any other media like art, prose and poetry. But this freedom is not absolute, meaning we should not abuse it. For example: You can write your opinion about politics. That’s fine. However, you should not reach the point where you destroy reputations with false claims. That is where responsibility comes in. Express yourself but you should know your limits.
      I am glad you like my stories with happy endings. You should read more those with sad endings because we learn from our mistakes.
      You are still young. Live your life to the best you wish it to be. But listen to old people because they’ve been there, the past I mean. Their experiences will guide you to have a safer journey in life.
      Never stop to learn. Our brain needs the daily exercise. 😀
      Take care. Be well.

      1. thank you!!!!! i am a child, do you remember? i am learning and i love playing too….you are the best teacher i have ever had kisses

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