Twice Elated

There always a time when you get lucky to get noticed. It’s a wonderful feeling when you accept the fact that you are somewhat important to someone.

What more if you get twice the glance. You would be exuberant.

I felt the same way when Kiran Acharya of The sea and me and Shaun of Looking for reasoning to a complicated world both nominated me for the same award. I deeply appreciate their recognition of my humble contributions in the blogging world. Visit their blogs and check their respective talents to bring you information and inspiration.

versatile-blogger-award  image216

Here are the rules of the award:

1. Display the logo in a post.

2. Link to the person who nominated you.

3. Write seven (7) things about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and inform them of their nomination.

Seven (7) of my personal routines:

1. I drink a lot of water (more than the required per day).

2. I eat only when I am hungry (even at midnight). 🙂

3. I am a grass cutter. (literally)

4. I like to read almost anything. (Well, not everything.)

5. I am interested in analyzing events. (pros and cons)

6. I add new words everyday to my English vocabulary.

7. When online, I continue to learn from the Web.

Here are my nominees:

Hortus Closus                                                    Painting Pundit

buffalotompeabody’s blog                         quakerattled

unaware but underlined                               SIM ANTICS

toremaininhim                                                    mishunderstood

the ptero card                                                      AshiAkira’s blog

through the peacock’s eyes                        my photos

About Addis Ababa                                          hong kong fong

Brother Murf’s Corner

Happy Blogging everyone. 🙂

35 thoughts on “Twice Elated

      1. I love your connection to your immediate surroundings and the world at large. Many times I have lost myself in your cloud photos and nature studies. You beautifully and eloquently amplify the whispers around you.

      1. Okay, then, As you wish, 🙂
        (I am having problems with loading so I could not post and comment as quickly as possible. Hope everyone understands this.)

      2. Take you time. No one is in a rush. I don’t respond as quickly as people want to. It’s your blog. No pressure at all. 😛

      3. It’s not the rush thing, really. 🙂 Internet connection is bad sometimes plus a power outage. Who would not be pissed off?
        Please forgive the rant. (laughs) I have to tell someone, you know.

  1. Congratulations, Belsbror and thank you for the nomination. I enjoyed reading the seven things about you and although I don’t participate in blog awards, I thought it might at least be nice for me to write seven things about myself. So here goes.
    1. I play the piano…terribly
    2. I am a teetotaler
    3. Once when I was a toddler, I ate chicken poo
    4. I get obsessed with things
    5. I suffer from insomnia
    6. I love cold, dark days more than sunny, hot days
    7. I am not very ambitious

    1. That’s a lot of laugh. Yeah, you ARE human, too. (laughs)
      Thanks for the informative reply. I am sure others will be glad to know more about you. I am. 🙂

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