Remember when we first met,

Inside a busy wet market,

You stood holding your pet,

I, looking for my wallet.

I asked you what was wrong,

My query was like a love song,

You said nothing and went along,

Your rejection was too strong.

My heart rumbled like thunder,

I felt differently, I did wonder,

You kept my mind to ponder,

Is this love like no other?

We met again in the park,

At late sunset, before dark,

You hello was the spark,

I knew then I hit the mark.

We were a happy couple,

Our relationship so simple,

Yet  a big fight was a sample,

One day there was trouble.

Remember I gave you a cat,

A present that began a spat,

Foolish of me to forget that,

Your lovable pet was a ‘rat.’

I was sorry, you forgave me,

Paid the price for my insanity,

I gave away the cat for free,

I was allowed to stay, happy.



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