Where was the point where I left off?

Like a program, I have not been updated for some time.

Scattered hints flash inside my head that I was once an enthusiastic blogger, reading innumerable posts with gusto, absorbing information like a sponge retaining water. I knew I was a long-time resident of this hang-out called WordPress, where the ins and outs were somewhat a vague memory today. I am still feeling my way in the dark.

When I saw my email inbox, I concluded that I was away far too long. I admit that the task of just checking them would be time-consuming, let alone read the contents of each notification.

I need time. A lot. I am sure you will extend to me all the leeway and tolerate my tardiness of reacting to your old comments. You are entitled of replies because you shared a moment or two to convey your thoughts. Everyone is greatly appreciated.

I might be too slow to catch up with your recent posts but in time I will see to it that I’ll do. Please wait for my visit.

I am most thankful that I have been, and still is, a part of WordPress’ blogging community. Now I am well aware what the word ‘support’ really means.

A productive day, everyone!



A wonderful Sunday to everyone!

Oh! I am wide awake if you’re wondering. 😀

My next series will be more attuned to the realities of a particular relationship. I’ll write from the male point of view. (I noticed the majority of romance writers are women.)

Please do not expect a happy ending this time. The story will be based on true life, somewhere near where I reside. I’ll cut off some of the delicate segments but concentrate more on the emotional side of it.

By the way, I visited the neighbors yesterday. As WordPress is my home, I stepped inside the Wattpad structure. I posted my last series there just to test the waters, so to speak. I am not sure what will happen to it. 🙂

Today, I am coasting through. The power has been restored an hour ago so I think I’ll just read blogs and post later if my laziness does not get the better of me. 🙂

Have fun!


Just Hoping

Good day to everyone, wherever you are!

As usual, I am at home. Yeah, I am a WordPress homebody. 😀

I’ve been thinking yesterday while reading my email notifications, that part of my problems surfing the net is the numerous sites I have to load at the same time. It’s already bad that locally the connection could be so aggravating slow most of the time, each site has their own little secret to successfully load in my computer.

I am well aware how WordPress has been plagued by complaints about almost anything we bloggers feel wrong about modifications and all. I have been a victim myself of scratch-my-head-often issues that confronted me but I am still hanging on. The advantage of s simple-to-use platform outweighed the disadvantages of small technical problems once in a while.

Perhaps, some tech wizards and programming fairies could think of a way to add email or direct messaging on the platform (if there is one, please direct me to it). Just a pop-up window that we can use to unburden the comment box of messages we usually send and receive via messaging.

While at it, can you also add another window where more personal stuff could be shared? Family members, not necessarily bloggers, could send private photos and other information directly to the blog site.

Maintaining presence on too many sites is such a headache. My time is not enough to read all the great blogs on WordPress alone. Can I be excused to visit Twitter or Facebook if I get the small favors I am requesting from WordPress?

I am simple guy with simple needs. 😀


Take Note

The Reader is acting up again!

Since the other day, I have observed that a major portion of my clicks (Likes) on sites did not register. Naturally, my next option was scroll up to the top and repeat the process. For a while, the clicks registered but when it reached a certain point, the earlier problem reappeared. For the third time, I repeat the same option but it ended with the same result.

Today, there is no change. The same problem still exists. (It comes and go. Confusing.) Can anyone explain to me what is happening?

It’s not only me who has been visited by headaches. Others encountered variations of odd occurrences.

I hope The Happiness Engineers are taking notes. They have always been quick to straighten out bloggers’ problems.

Let us wait.