Please do not blame me for smiling from ear to ear. I have a very good reason to do so. 😀

About fifty yards away, in the stillness of the night, with the sounds of crickets and other night insects defeated, an ensemble of promising, no promise and forgettable voices tried to ruin the good sleep of  their neighbors. Loud music blaring from a karaoke, they did not give a whit if people far away kept swearing at them, that they might accidentally swallow a mosquito or two so they could get back their normal senses.

Personally, I do not mind listening to the musical circus, noting that they were old enough to know what was right and wrong. If singing out of key was right, then it’s wrong to point it out to their faces to prevent any untoward incident. 😀

I recalled a true story that passed through the grapevine a few months ago. No one claimed responsibility for the cause of the misunderstanding. It taught everyone a lesson: how technology could be used and abused.

An irritated farmer, tired from a whole day of work in the field, went home to discover that his neighbors were having a drinking spree. It should have been okay except the distorted singing got to his nerves. He could not complain because he, too, was similarly guilty of the same stunt earlier.

He excused himself from his wife, who placed cotton in her ears to dampen the noise from next door. Pretending to check his animal tied to a tree, he brought along his old-model cellular phone. With a substitute SIM card, he dialed the number of the local police station.

“Hello, is this the police? I like to report a protest rally,” he reported, changing the tone of his voice and using a different dialect to mislead the listener.

“At this hour? Are you sure?” the recipient of the call on the other line asked, suspecting a crank caller. “What is your name? Where do you live?”

He gave the complete name of his neighbor and the address. He added, “Please come immediately. They are shouting bad things about the Mayor.”

“Don’t go anywhere!” the male policeman ordered. “We’ll bring a whole unit.”

The farmer went back home quickly, got inside the mosquito net and under the thin blanket while acting asleep. He waited for the solution to his sleeping problem.

From a distance, everyone awake could hear the sing-song note of incoming sirens. No one suspected that trouble would spoil the wholesome celebration.

“Who’s the leader here?” asked the policeman in charge. “Break this protest rally or I’ll have you all arrested.”

Almost half of those present were either groggy from too much alcohol intake or on their way to semi-unconsciousness, they did not recognize the uniformed lawmen.

“This is a birthday celebration, officer,” the man of the house explained.

“Is this your name?” the lawman asked, showing the man his notes.

“That’s me. Why?”

“You reported a protest rally at this address. Are you trying to fool us?”

“No officer. I would not do that. Why should I do such a thing? It’s my birthday.”

The law enforcer wished to vent his rage on the prankster but he could not identify him. Instead, he did the unexpected, trying to regain his honor as a peacekeeper.

“Stop this noise this minute. I could arrest all of you for disturbing the peace.”

No one could protest: only a few could stand on their feet. They were goners.

And, it was indeed late. Peace had to be restored.




Is it okay to be always angry at someone? I don’t mean hatred or scornful ire?

I often look at the brighter side of life when this question bothers me. However, I feel the negative notion defeats the purpose altogether.

Well, I could not see the bright side if it is dark. Yes, literally dark. Try it for yourself, unless your idea leads to the realm of romance.

Can you blame me for being sarcastic when what you wish to do is stifled by some entity which only cared for profit and not satisfaction of their customers? Why do providers need to react, they could do so as they please, noting their service is vital to users, who could only complain but could not do anything else but wait?

Nonetheless, I take this opportunity to thank the power and internet providers for not colluding when it comes to cutting off their services at the same time. Perhaps, they realized that the double-whammy is too harsh to bear for their patient customers.

I long for the day that I could go straight to the Net, bypassing their services, truly independent from their hold. That would be absolutely liberating.



Technology has evolved by leaps and bounds. But back in the mid 80s, we were given a taste of what would become of our relationship with machines.

Got me thinking then if it could be possible.

What do you think? 😀


Sales Pitch

Ever heard the word ‘unlimited’ lately? I am not sure if you do in your country but in this country, it’s more frequent usage started in the telecommunications industry that is now invading the food sector.

A large and popular food company ate its competitor a few years back. Chomping a considerable share from the market, the upstart provided ‘unlimited’ rice to its customers. Who in their right minds would turn down this stomach-filling offer? The food chain’s growth was phenomenal that its franchisee increased in number. So, the larger operator, wanting less competition, decided to gobble the upstart up. Nowadays, which ever food chain you enter, your money goes to a single destination.

Back then, phone use was strictly on-the-need-to-use basis. But when another upstart in the telecommunications industry popularized the word ‘unlimited’ in its service, as they say, the rest is history. The word use is so sugary sweet that you feel like jumping for joy as if you are given the key to the treasure chest. 😀

Let’s calm down and contemplate. I know you will get my drift quickly.

If you pay an exact amount for a certain service, the transaction is beneficial to both parties, the provider and the customer. Right?

If you pay an exact amount for an unlimited service, the transaction is more beneficial to the customer. Right?

If you are to choose from the two options, which one would you pick? The second, of course. Right?

If you do, you are hooked. You are now going to use the service more often than you used to. It would be crazy not to take advantage of the most favorable odds given to you.

Fast forward.

Our country is now considered the texting capital of the world. It would not be so long that we’ll take the crown for being the people who would text his next door neighbors rather than talking to them personally. Why not? Why waste the unlimited chance? 😀



The summer season is not officially over but the frequent occurrences of light thunderstorms during evenings forebode the arrival of more rainy days.

For rice farmers, this is an auspicious time to begin clearing the fields for the start of the new planting cycle. Locals still use the tried and tested carabao (domesticated water buffalo) and other manual techniques for land preparation. However, the use of mechanical implements begins to be popular that traditions might give way eventually to modern farming.

The high tech revolution even penetrated farmers’ simple lives. The transistor radio which was very popular back then are now left at home, becoming mere decorations on shelves.

Almost fifteen years ago, a cellphone was a rarity in this place. With a new cell site, I was one of the lucky few to own an analog Alcatel cellular phone. People came to me to call their loved ones in far places. Without my phone, they had to go to the town proper which is about nine kilometers away.

Anyway, I predicted then that even farm workers would be tuned to their MP3 players and cellular phones while working in the fields. Of course, all I received were howls of skepticism for even suggesting such far-fetched claim. Wishful thinking, they insisted. (Translation: crazy)

Well, as the saying goes, I had the last laugh.

Nowadays, farmers still use the carabao but with them are MP3 players hanging on their necks, providing them endless entertainment while performing monotonous tasks. Once in a while, they stop on their tracks to answer a call or reply to text messages from cheap phones.

Now, they smile at me as if admitting I was correct all along. 🙂


Game Time

Here’s a thought to game developers. I may not be the best adviser to suggest an idea but I think it will be worth your while to read what’s on my mind. 🙂

Imagine the blow-up cross-section of the heart, showing all the arteries with blockades that causes the organ to fail. What if you create a game that would show the arteries like passages with roadblocks? A player rides a vehicle with all sorts of weapons to blow the obstacles to smithereens and at the same time possesses the option to repair damages to the organ to restore it back to health. This could be an exciting and educational game.

Or, why not create a outer space style game which uses the internal view of the human body. The player will ride a capsule, similar to the real thing, while targeting and zapping his enemies. Cancer cells and other bad bacteria could be fine targets. The game will have levels of difficulties like categories of notorious types of cancers. I think many people will be more engrossed playing this game.

I know that slaying dragons and mythical creatures provides countless hours of entertainment. Why not transfer those energies pretending to kill real enemies of the human body? Perhaps, in the near future, those dexterous abilities you have could be useful with the invention of sophisticated scanning machines with the ability to zap damaging cells into oblivion.



The early evening news finally took the worms out of the can. It was common knowledge among local users but the government and the service providers always propped up the lies about slow (crawling, to be exact) Internet connection. At 3 Mbps, we are hypnotized to the idea that our system is at par with the rest of the world.

I could have forgiven the slow connection due to congestion in the information highway but to be charged stiff for inefficient service, there is no other term that could be used but criminal. It is thievery in the highest order.

I know businesses are established to earn profits, However, if such pursuits take advantage of customers, short-changing them in the process, the business should only be called opportunistic.

Demanded by the court to refund all overcharged fees siphoned off unwitting subscribers, the service providers have the gall to ask for a review. They are loathed to return what had entered their coffers. Instead, they offer more over-the-rainbow promises to muddle the issues.

Personally, I spent a lot with my surfing. Indirectly, I helped the telecommunications industry attain its profitable status. Along with the other millions of users, we deserve genuine and dedicated service in exchange for our continued loyalty.

The prompt No Service should go to the thrash bin especially when cold cash was paid in advance. Otherwise, a service provider is no better than a lowlife creepy swindler.




A Whisper says:

Modernity has its creations,

But old ways retain its wonder.


Mr. Blue

I know! I know!

You are staring at an old netbook in a dark corner.  But hey, it looks ready to assist me. 🙂

Come to think of it. When I first ever got in contact with modern technology in the late eighties, I could still remember that clunky analog cellular phone I lugged on everywhere. I was too proud then to be one of the first to go wireless.

But then, it was short-lived. A few months later, the first GSM phone came out in the market. The word digital became the new byword. Overnight, my phone was considered passe.

That was an eye-opener for me. Never get lured to go with the bandwagon when it comes to new technology. Unless you have the financial resources to stay in vogue, wait. Sooner or later, the latest technology today is old technology tomorrow.

Imagine if you have collected those original cassettes, VHS and Betamax tapes, eight-track tapes, Mini-Disks and digital cassettes? You have to maintain the original players to savor the contents of your collection. Or, call it charge to experience and leave them all in a room, locked, stocked and forgotten.

I have been tempted to upgrade several times. But, I am not falling for the ruse. I wait.

I am sure I will get my money’s worth in due time. 🙂



I’m currently fighting the urge to doze off. 🙂

The slow internet connection at my end is not helping one bit to prevent drowsiness. If you ever watch that roulette image spinning denoting loading, for more than a few minutes, you might get hypnotically forced to close your eyes that could eventually lead to a longer pause. I’m sure such a condition could easily send you to the dream world.

I went outside a minute ago to do some stretching. The cold night sent me back inside. Again, near the place of sleep. 🙂

I drank coffee which they claimed would preserve wakefulness. Unfortunately, it has an opposite effect on me. I want to lie down and you guess right, get some zzzzzz!

I even did the unthinkable. I slapped my cheeks several times. 🙂 Yes, it was painful. Nope. It did not work. 😦

What should I do? I want to stay online for a couple more hours. Yet, I am having a difficult time finishing this post. Even my fingers want to keep still.

I guess I have to sign off sooner than later. (yawning)

Keep blogging guys and gals!