Small children are good sources of witty remarks. I still remember some of my godchildren’s odd comments when told of something they literally did not understand (or failed to discern the figurative meaning).

When told that we evolved from monkeys, Hans, then aged 5, vehemently argued, “No, not true. I came out from my mother’s _ _ _ _ _!” (womb?)

When told about illegal aliens, Jaypee, then aged 8, said, “Ah, that’s why we hardly see their spaceships.”

When told people go to heaven when they die, Elvis, then aged 7, dissented, “Dead people go to cemeteries.”

When told that God is everywhere, Mel, then aged 6, glanced around and asked, “Where?”

When told about Santa Claus, Vincent, then aged 6, shook his head and said, “He is my father.”

Lately, when I told them there will be no Christmas this year, most of them who are five years older, held their breaths and asked, “What the matter, Ninong (godfather)? Are you broke?”

I rest my case. 😀




Of a disillusioned madman,

on the precipice of hopelessness,

before the end denies him of breath.

“Thoughts circled inside my head,

reliving the past, days of follies,

years of abuse, decades of sins.

Is there good inside this body,

where the only resident is evil,

living dangerously toward hell?

Will change be enough to seek,

repentance and forgiveness,

redemption and renewed life?

Will the promise of salvation,

Irregardless of transgressions,

Offered to all, will cleanse me?

.Could I be purified readily,

by admitting my wrongdoings,

expressing my deep regrets?

Whatever I receive as penalty,

I will accept wholeheartedly,

I deserve all punishments.

But, if His mercy absolves me,

Healing my soul, making me pure,

Dying will be the best gift for me.”



Black everywhere,

Void and darkness combined.

Suffering defined.

Death somewhere,

Known all over the lands,

Mourning demands.

Journey nowhere,

Listless, aimless, worst,

Hope lost.

Light came finally,

Blinding, loving embrace,

Merciful grace.

Forgiveness given,

Sowed to waiting earth,

Promised rebirth.

Cleansed souls,

Fed by purest food,

Only to do good.



Daily life bred regularity,

Entrenched in selfishness,

Accepted as normal,

Believed like a religion.


Conscience nagged ceaselessly,

Reform thy wicked ways,

Remove thy evil thoughts,

Defy thy temptations.


Mind is confused,

The flesh in denial,

Pleasure’s enticing,

Forced by practice.


Change or not.

Saved or lost.

Live or die.



When I checked the sky lately,

You were not there: you hid your face,

I feared your presence left.

My sorrow gained confidence,

to torture happiness once again,

to leave me guessing.

Now, I know why you disappeared,

permitting sympathy to come.

Now, I know why,

Even you can cry.



I remember,

long ago in the land of ideal loving,

I was an alien in the territory of the cold.


You smiled,

the image of a goddess astounded me,

I felt selected by whim and wile.


We lived,

together in a room with a child,

I wished to be my own.


I tried,

but you would not trust me,

because you believed I was like the rest.


I left,

with a heavy heart you let me go,

and we cried, separately.


I remember,

I will never forget,

How pure Love is unreal.



For a moment stand outside,

In the middle of nowhere,

Amidst natural wonders,

Alone, immobile, serene.

Close your eyes outside your world,

You see nothing but yourself.

Open your eyes inside your world,

You see everything but yourself.


In Transit

A Whisper says:

Life’s journey is long and arduous.

Being in love will make the trip worthwhile.

Aah, Love! What can I add more to all the adulation you get! Or, regrets you’ve caused!

Not all about love is romantic although most of the time happy love is on top of everyone’s list. Who does not wish for it?


Love can be one sided. That hurts.

Love can fool you. That hurts more.

Love can bankrupt you. That hurts even more.

Love can kill you. Now, that’s worse than just getting hurt even more.

The worst is not even loving at all, if that can ever be realistic.

But even though you get hurt in the process, loving means your heart lives and you can feel. Life will not be complete without feelings.

So, go on. Love somebody. Your life will be more colorful. 🙂


Some Space

A Whisper says:

Love teaches us about sharing.

Yet, love can be selfish, too.

The meaning of more freedom crosses our minds whenever we hear our partner asking for some space. The hidden meaning is beyond interpretation if you think you do not shackle one another into a small enclosure you call home.

You can hear husbands say that their home-to-work-and-vice-versa routine makes them unhappy that some of them begins to divert their attention into something or someone else.

The wives, too, have their gripes of being tied to household chores and the kids that some of them starts to wonder if they can get a different experience elsewhere.

When these thoughts push you further away from home, selfishness enters the relationship. The ‘us’ becomes the ‘me’ that you love yourself more than your love for each other. The space that you want widens and tears your relationship apart.

So how can you thwart this from happening?

Partners should talk clearly on where the limitations of more freedom starts and ends. Once you accept the boundaries, you can feel assured of support and understanding from one another.



A Whisper says:

“She loves me? She loves me not.

She loves me? She loves me not.”

Ahhh! Pity the flower!