Well, I am still bugged by slow connection. To add insult to injury, we have just survived a five-hour power interruption. Swell!

I have really given my blogging tactics a lot of thought while I was offline. I have to beat the odds and keep publishing posts without letting the drawbacks getting on my nerves.

From this day on, I will be using the schedule post feature to get around the inefficient systems. Unfortunately, I could not respond to comments in real time, which I really want to do. This may appear rude on my part. But what can I do if I am prevented to reply by factors I could not control?

I am still tinkering with my new theme, updating old pages while checking old posts before writing new content. I checked my email account and I am beginning to get double vision looking at thousands of notifications. 🙂

Also, I am trying to figure out the best time to stay online. I have to change my sleeping habits once more: early to bed and to rise since the start of the year. I could be a night owl again. 🙂

I might be slow reading blogs for the time being. However, you know my former pattern. In time, I will drop by your sites and check out everything I missed while I was away. 😀

It’s ABOUT TIME (a new page) I get back on my rhythm!



Ever wonder why many people develop some routines that are so difficult to discontinue?

When I signed off the last time, I never imagined it would take this long (nearly two months) to abstain from surfing the Net. Oh, I did try several times but for reasons beyond my capabilities to resolve I had to stand down and kept my peace in the sidelines. .

That routine I was talking about made me ponder a lot of things. Frankly, some of my field work suffered because of my ‘addiction’ to surfing. I was consumed by the idea that everything would be fine in the long run.

I was mistaken.

As luck would have it (unfavorably favorable in some weird sense), there was something wrong in our side of the planet, or just in our particular spot, or whatever. The connection was so bad that most of the time even cellular communications failed.

I consider myself to be a little smart when faced with such a situation. I look for options, what I call Plan B, C, D, etc. And if those options would not work out, I go back to where I am most attached to: field work.

And, I could say, the lull in my internet activity provided me with more time to concentrate on work I deferred so many times. Overall, it was a productive experience.

My absence is not a big deal. I am sure most of you did not even notice I was MIA. That’s good. 🙂

Slowly, I will reintegrate myself back to the system. I am somewhat rusty so you have to forgive most of my shortcomings.

Happy blogging guys and gals.



I awoke from a dream, dreaming of waking up in front of the computer screen.

It’s like reliving the past.

Am I back where I left off?


It’s ABOUT TIME to go forward once more.



Good afternoon to you all!

Just got back from the town center, searching for a permanent substitute for my departed cellular phone. I could have it repaired but the cost could be more or less the same value as a new phone.

Living in a Third World country has its advantages sometimes, particularly when it comes to buying electronic devices. Often the dumping ground of old technologies, there is a greater chance to purchase devices that are considered older versions of those found in industrialized countries.

A farmer like me does not need a touch-screen phone, much to my regret when I followed my fancy when I earlier bought the last one. I need a bare-bones device: call and text features would suffice.

I hunted, so to speak, roaming, window shopping from one store to the next. I felt like the prince in Cinderella, looking for the other glass slipper.

After more than two hours, I narrowed down my choices to two. Both showed almost identical features, the same price, different colors. But it turned out that one has built-in flashlight, so that tipped the balance somewhat. (You might have guessed correctly why it was the deciding factor.)

You won’t probably believe it but it’s a brand new ten-dollar phone. (Lower those eyebrows, please.) My new companion could be cheap but more importantly, it addresses all my communication needs.

When I re-inserted the SIM, exactly twenty four hours since I removed it from the drowned one, the alert tone for messages sounded repeatedly. Incoming texts that failed to come through lined up in the Inbox, almost a hundred or so.

Frankly, I am not an important person but people I know seemed to have missed me when I did not reply to their messages. That’s some kind of a comfort actually: there are still people who are convinced that I do matter.



Attachment to something could be tricky sometimes. To someone, it is a complex state.

I have accepted the fact although I am still trying to get over the demise of my inexpensive phone. I have two SIM and a 2-gigabyte memory chip but they are useless at the moment.

At least I could sleep undisturbed later without someone actually giving me a miss call during the ungodly hour in the morning. 🙂



When you are in a relationship, like almost 24/7, parting is not so easy. There’s got to be a compelling reason to sever the bond, move on.

It was very unfortunate that this afternoon I found myself in a similar situation. Frankly, I was shocked to learn I was entirely to blame for the end.

I kept searching at first, then the realization dawned on me, I was left alone.

I traced my steps back to the house, wanting to believe that it was only my hunch, that what I suspected was a figment of my imagination.

Crossing a rice farm, I could feel the plants commiserating with my sadness: they probably knew why I walked the narrow paddies’ division. With bowed head, I finally accepted it was my fault.

Then, in an instant, my eyes confirmed what I feared. I almost shouted out loud to proclaim my regret for my unforgivable carelessness.

I knelt down, hoping everything would be okay, that for some miracle, I could salvage the situation, to bring back the hands of time.

Too late! Death was an undeniable conclusion, drowning the cause of my sorrow.

Goodbye, friend! You have been a loyal ally, a constant companion, the gatekeeper to the world of local telecommunications. I hate to see you go.

Tomorrow, another relationship has to be found. I would absolutely choose the cheapest kind so that when the time comes I would not feel too (financially) devastated during the next farewell.



Good morning everyone!

When I woke up this morning, I felt like a dead weight. My brain had a difficult time convincing my body to rise up and continue all the tasks waiting in the field. Alone, the work ahead of me could not be finished till mid January.

Well, I have no boss but myself so that’s all right. I can procrastinate all I want. My kind of farming could be called continuous interaction with Nature.

However, on the other hand, I am not the type who wants to see disorder daily. Right now, it’s almost total chaos in the area where the chainsaw guys worked for two days. If picking up dry leaves takes forever, imagine freshly-cut branches dangling on other branches, logs of different sizes from a foot to a fathom, slabs to collect and haul and all the small things needed to make the surrounding look cleaner and as natural as possible.

I have to be a juggler once more: use my waking hours intelligently, giving each task (field work, writing, blogging, rest, etc.)  its equal share of time and effort.

I will be in and out of the Net from this hour onward. Some of my blogging responsibilities will suffer but I will try hard to compensate for my shortcomings whenever I am online.

It’s a bit cloudy so field work beckons. 🙂

Have a great Sunday everyone!



Hello there guys and gals! Hope your Saturday is going great. 🙂

Since yesterday I have been busy administering the cutting and sizing of wood for my small (tiny is more like it) summer house. I could not accomplish full time blogging since the chainsaw operator and his helpers kept on coming to me for questions on which part of the trees to cut and how to go about it. I decided to stay offline to concentrate on one chore.

Added to that, I had to cut and clear fallen branches on some of the calamansi trees, hauling them to the center clearing where they would dry up and be used as firewood later. The hacking and hauling nearly consumed all my energy that when sunset came, I looked like a spent slave, trying to stay on my tired feet.

If you noticed last night I successfully published a single post. That was about it because I could not focus on the screen, my eyes surrendered to sleep.

Today, I had to manually haul the wood one by one from the site to the shed, a good forty yards one way. Literally, I bathed with perspiration, each load getting heavier as the day wore on. Weakened due to the repeated trips, the strain on my legs was too much to bear. A few minutes of rest could be considered precious, constant intake of water energy boosting.

I blame myself for the rash decision to let the chainsaw operator convinced me to do the job during the holidays. I consider myself a stickler to good planning but the situation called for instant action.

Anyway, all’s well that ends well, so to speak. I am tired but I am online. There is a big possibility that I might end up sleeping (again) in front of the computer. 😀

Happy blogging everyone!



Men can also be seriously in love.

I know.

Goodnight everyone.

Sweet dreams. 🙂



It’s kind of late for me to write about this but I want it out of my mind before I sleep. The evening news bothered me to the point I wanted to laugh out loud due to the weirdness of the justice system in my country.

Only in the Philippines. Yeah, right!

While incarcerated, big time criminals lavish themselves inside a national penitentiary. After an early morning on the spot inspection, the raiders found out that being in jail was not a hindrance for moneyed crooks to enjoy the same luxurious lives they had before they were apprehended. It was a mind-boggling sight.

Imagine these: millions of pesos, thousands of dollars, a Jacuzi, a sauna, air-conditioning, flat screen TVs, computers, WiFi routers, cellular phones, live studio for bands, sex toys, several kilos of prohibited drugs, assorted guns, lists of recorded transactions and much more.

To think that ordinary people, upright and law abiding citizens, could only dream of possessing some of those stuff. Influential felons, who acted with impunity, recreated their jail time as a secured and safe vacation, complete with guards paid for by the same people those criminals victimized.

If there is a so-called injustice, that was it. Those ‘select’ criminals should be locked in a plain cell like everyone else.

And, those government officials who turned a blind eye while all of those transgressions took place should be sent to jail, too. Administrative sanctions are light penalties for their connivance with hardened criminals: they were outright accomplices to the continued illegal activities of the convicts they guarded.

Justice should be served accordingly.