Have to sleep, guys and gals.




Did I sound angry yesterday?

Not today. (I am catching up on my reading.)

I am here, at least as long as the connection holds. 🙂



Ever wonder why many people develop some routines that are so difficult to discontinue?

When I signed off the last time, I never imagined it would take this long (nearly two months) to abstain from surfing the Net. Oh, I did try several times but for reasons beyond my capabilities to resolve I had to stand down and kept my peace in the sidelines. .

That routine I was talking about made me ponder a lot of things. Frankly, some of my field work suffered because of my ‘addiction’ to surfing. I was consumed by the idea that everything would be fine in the long run.

I was mistaken.

As luck would have it (unfavorably favorable in some weird sense), there was something wrong in our side of the planet, or just in our particular spot, or whatever. The connection was so bad that most of the time even cellular communications failed.

I consider myself to be a little smart when faced with such a situation. I look for options, what I call Plan B, C, D, etc. And if those options would not work out, I go back to where I am most attached to: field work.

And, I could say, the lull in my internet activity provided me with more time to concentrate on work I deferred so many times. Overall, it was a productive experience.

My absence is not a big deal. I am sure most of you did not even notice I was MIA. That’s good. 🙂

Slowly, I will reintegrate myself back to the system. I am somewhat rusty so you have to forgive most of my shortcomings.

Happy blogging guys and gals.




I awoke from a dream, dreaming of waking up in front of the computer screen.

It’s like reliving the past.

Am I back where I left off?


It’s ABOUT TIME to go forward once more.



Waking up in a peaceful place is part of the allure of provincial life. We do not need to watch out for anything unexpected, contented to live as simple as possible.

On the contrary, all those people in areas with conflicts could not claim the same: fear of the unexpected torments their hearts and minds. They need all their survival instincts to escape various threats against themselves and their loved ones.

We should re-examine our current situation. It is a must.

Let me take this opportunity to plead for the cause of peace, to denounce violence in all forms, and to exhort everyone to refrain from stoking the fires of ongoing hostilities.

We should learn to live together in harmony. It’s not an impossible task.

Please! Let us do away with the constant recriminations and animosities that divide us. We should instead work together to elevate our existence to a higher consciousness, an advanced specie in the universe, worthy of greatness we hope to achieve as a civilization.

I believe, we will prevail.

Merry Christmas to all. A wonderful day to everyone.



Our daily affairs affect us differently. Sometimes, all the stress of living deny us peace of mind. Perhaps, we should begin to realize that life is what we make of it.

Goodnight everyone!

Sleep tight. Dream well. 😀



We should never forget those who shared happiness with our lives.

They will always be in our hearts and minds.



Feeling down? Hopeless?

Don’t be!

You’re alive because you can make a difference for others.



It’s hours before the DAY but it would seem the celebrations this year lack the traditional cheer we are accustomed to enjoy in the past. I am not really surprised for the austerity most people observed: their practicality won over their former happy-go-lucky behavior.

Sure, they will celebrate Christmas but not the way they used to. Belt-tightening is the primary reason people resorted to the downplayed holiday.

The loud fireworks are gone, either they became too expensive or too dangerous for all concerned. The flickering lights that once adorned every house, are less of a sight to behold because too few homes have them. Even the elaborate decorations which every family took weeks to assemble are conspicuously absent.

Years before, carolers often met each other on the road, eager to outdo one another with their singing prowess and flair in serenading households. Today, they need to send envelopes first to their prospects, veering away from tradition of surprising their hosts with angelic renditions of Christmas songs. On the extreme, families ignore them altogether, considering their annual practice as obsolete.

I am not sure what will Christmas be next year. But I am afraid, more and more people will consider it as an ordinary birthday celebration.

However, we can still look forward to the silver lining, so to speak. We can celebrate Christmas in our hearts everyday. That means we have 365 days of peace and kindness instead of just one.

Not a bad idea, eh? 😀



Some things intrigue us no end.

Keep looking for answers. Everywhere.

Goodnight to all.