Wake up happy!

A new day is always a time for hope and bright expectations. See to it that you will not linger in a gloomy mood.

Have a laugh!



Naturally, I cannot claim to be a fluent English speaker because it was never my native tongue. So there are many instances that I ‘murder’ the correct pronunciation especially when I am nervous. More so, if I am in a conversation with a foreigner.

I remember one funny moment during one of my sister’s visits in the country. She vacationed with her boyfriend, a Swedish who is more at ease speaking English than I. We were eating together inside my bahay kubo (a small hut made of  indigenous materials) when I uttered my famous line. 🙂

I tried to communicate with him using my rusty Swedish but to no avail. I could not get my message across clearly and precisely. So at first, I stammered, owing to the lack of practice. (We don’t encounter foreigners here a lot.)

Then, in an instant of lack of lucidity, my comment nearly ‘knocked out’ my sister’s boyfriend from where he sat.

“How ‘toothless’ of me?” I said excitedly, after I failed to uncover the lid of the casserole where the boiled shrimps ‘swam’ (I overdid the dish with more colorless soup than usual). Of course, I grinned generously, similar to what a game show hostess’ face like while presenting prizes to contestants.

He looked at me, or more precisely stared at my mouth. He was probably confused why I said the words or perhaps I was mistaken. He looked baffled.

Thankfully, my sister came to the rescue and clarified the misunderstanding with a polite laugh.

“Thoughtless, kuya (brother)!”

Yeah, I stood (literally) corrected!

How thoughtless of me not to say it correctly. (sighs)


End of the World

A Whisper says:

Permanently closed eyes,

Everything is peaceful.

Figuratively, this is true.

We are often reminded by selected groups of people foretelling the end of the world. They cite hundreds of theories and explanations based on the Bible, history and other sources.

What we should be more aware of is our own mortality. When we are prepared to face the next life, then we will not fear the end of our personal world.

Do good always: peace in life and death will follow.

Twist of Fate

Everyone needs a vacation, right? But the pleasurable activity costs especially it the destination chosen is far away from one’s abode.

To finance it, one needs to work a lot, scrimp on daily expenses and save whatever extra money without sacrificing one’s daily basic needs, The planning on where to go and how to finally get there complete the task.

What then, if your vacation leads you to a permanent stay? Chances are you really enjoyed the place and the life, that you’re willing to uproot yourself from that place you left behind which you call home and make a new one instead.

The allure of a different lifestyle is not uncommon to travelers. Other people migrate and start new lives. Reasons vary but the common denominator is the change of scenery.

I, for one, fell in that category even though I did spend my vacation with one condition: if I feel something special during my stay, then it is a sign to embrace a new beginning.

Here I am, fifteen years later and counting. I experienced all the hardships in the process but I always knew I made the right decision. 🙂


I don’t know if this is a local thing or not. The practice of showing off one’s importance in public turns some people off. Unfortunately, among the different sectors of society. those who are newcomers using the technology commit much of the spectacle.

When you receive a call, you answer it, right?

A call, being a private conversation, is handled with care. You obviously want to lower your voice, especially in public places, so as not to reveal any information you want to be secret. Common sense dictates that one should be wary of eavesdroppers.

What’s funny though, some folks even raise their voices when receiving calls. I don’t know if they wish getting everyone’s attention or simply to show off the latest model of the expensive gadget they use. Those in the background can either care or don’t.

On the other end of the extreme, a less fortunate individual may do the same loud display just to get noticed, that he has arrived i.e. he’s ‘in’. The self importance is obvious for personal gratification.

During those days of the first analog cellular phones, I must admit I was guilty of the practice, But not for the reasons stated above. I had the perfect alibi (laughs). My unit had a worn-out mic that the person on the other side barely hears my voice. A louder voice was a must,

Levels of Intelligence

Sometimes I think about other people who are considered stupid. Given derogatory names by society in general, is it justifiable?

My personal philosophy in life is simple when it comes to levels of intelligence. It is based on the fact that I am not as intelligent as I want to be. I may know things that other people do not know, or I can do certain feats better than others. Still, I feel the inadequacy for having lesser knowledge. That’s why I continue to explore and study.

Often, we can be mean to somebody who we feel not up to our standard of comprehension. Before, I was guilty of such cruel behavior. (Well, that was up to that moment I heard the word uttered to me directly. It was painfully clear that the word hurts.)

Will it be fairer to say to someone that, “I know something you don’t know but you also know something I don’t know.”

There will always be people who are more endowed with intellect than others. But that should not be a reason to put someone down who are not in the same league.