It’s raining hard again. Anytime now, the internet connection will falter. ūüė¶

That’s my signal to go offline.

Goodnight everyone.

Be well.


In Place

I just went outside a while ago to check the skies. Stars were still visible while the full moon hid behind a rogue dark cloud.

Well, at least it was still calm.

I need the sleep fellow bloggers. Tomorrow might be a busier day.

Goodnight to all!



While Away

A great day to you, guys and gals!

I am currently tinkering with the old dashboard, discovering little secrets I was not aware of for a long time. ūüėÄ

The overhaul I started a while back was sidetracked (again), but as I told you, it is a continuing process.

If you wish to read some of my older series, please check the FICTION page under the MY STORIES category. I arranged it in such a way you can read from the start.

At the moment, I am scouring YouTube for more videos to share. I am also editing older short stories I will post later.

I am sure you have noticed something strange about this post. Can you guess what? (Hint: You will not see it on the Reader.) (laughs)

Happy blogging everyone!

Stay safe!


Beyond Control

An abrupt exit the last time was unfortunate. I did not know what a triple whammy was until I experienced it with such swiftness I was literally cut off line. If that was not enough, the succeeding days that followed were as worse. I slumped in despair due to my forced absence from the Net.

The scenario was too ordinary that I never believed it could happen. Even in stormy weather, there would be at least one of the services left operational. Sadly, both decided to team up: getting online was impossible.

There was talk of El Nino which means a long dry spell. By experience, people consume more power during warm weather. The only power plant in place could not supply enough electricity to everyone, thus the outages. Consequently, all other bigger facilities that feed on the system took the corresponding hit, resulting to inefficiencies.

Repeater stations of communications companies from the capital also rely on the main power grid. Unless managements are willing to use back up power for longer duration, communication services will falter. That was what we deduced when poor connection occurred. Customer satisfaction be damned.

I did say a triple whammy, right?

My¬†battery¬†wanted¬†to¬†say¬†bye¬†bye.¬†More¬†than¬†two¬†years¬†of¬†charging¬†and¬†recharging, it’s in the process of slow death. I am still waiting for the replacement. Until that happens, I am limiting myself to important tasks.

So, my succeeding posts will come at unexpected times. Replying to your comments and reading blogs will also depend on power and connection availability. I believe this is only a temporary hiccup to my blogging activities.

Stay safe, guys and gals!



Hello guys and gals!

Guess who’s back?

Yours truly after a forced hiatus. I contemplated a technology suicide of sorts. That’s a long story though.

But, when I thought about all of you, I was somewhat resurrected from the abyss I fell into

Another phase in my life passed. Another one began.

I am still flexing my blogging muscles, so to speak. So, I am a bit rusty.

Here’s the first video I watched in a long while. Very fitting I think. ūüėÄ

Have a great week, everyone!

belsbror will always be here to stay!

Be well!


Inside Check

Good morning guys and gals!

I owe all of you an apology.

Last night, I discovered a small glitch in my site’s pages links. You probably noticed it earlier but thought nothing of it. That’s understandable.

For some time now I was rather confused, er, mystified. Based on the past months’ email notifications, I was asking myself why the main WHISPER and ZONE pages were seldom visited. By accident, I got my answer last night while backing up my March 2014 posts.

Due to an oversight, the link to the WHISPER page was directed to SNIPPETS, which is but a subpage. That costly mistake removed the main page from sight, hidden from readers who probably thought it never existed. ūüė¶

As to the ZONE page, I (terribly) forgot to add links to the sub pages. That foul up automatically removed from view all the site photos (unless you check the monthly archives).

I am correcting the errors as of this time (even if there’s a slow connection right now).

As often as I wish to mention on my posts, I am absolutely grateful for all the generous support and kind encouragement you have showered me these past months. My confidence is continuously boosted by your positive comments.

Thank you fellow bloggers. ūüėÄ


Plus Minus

I guess we can’t win them all!

The storm missed our area, which was absolutely fortunate for us. We were relieved that our crops were never in danger of the strong winds and continuous heavy rains.

However, there’s a catch to our luck, something we did not expect though we initially suspected.

The power company, with all of its wisdom, decided unilaterally to cut the supply an hour before sunset. Its generosity provided us time to cook and for some ate an early supper. For all those who waited to eat while eager to watch prime time shows on TV, fat chance! No way their plans would have been realized.

More than seven hours! My God!

I slept early, trying to control my urge to go to the neighbors and asked them to sign a protest letter against the unscheduled power interruptions. ¬†It’s rather unfortunate though that most of them decided to call it a night. I guess they were not as mad as I was. I even thought they welcomed the idea; under the covers in a cold, windy and rainy night. (I marked this day and predicted what would be the result nine months later.)

Ooops! I stand corrected. I wrote so fast, carelessly, I might add. After just an hour, there goes the power cut again. The battery has not fully charged: fifty minutes to go back to zero.

I better go back to sleep after sending this. The slow connection warns me to post this quickly.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts about our safety. You were also instrumental to ward off the storm away from us. Your positive vibes helped.

Goodnight everyone! Be well!

Signing off . . .



I often wondered what it would be like if we have instant on internet access and without power outage. I could be one of the happiest bloggers around. ūüėÄ

Creativity comes into play to surmount any obstacles. I am a Filipino so I am taught early on to accept that we live in a developing country (for as long as I can remember) and treat the deficiencies of daily life as nothing but temporary.

I do a similar attack when it comes to blogging. When loading problems get into my nerves, I patiently wait (another trait we possess) because anger would not make the system run faster. (Okay, to be honest, sometimes I lose my cool.)

Take YouTube videos for example. At the moment, the site is loading so slow that I could take a nap and when I wake up, it will still be loading. But that’s not a problem because when the connection was strong days before, I already copied several links to an offline word processor. The Enchant post is a result of such process.

However, not everything is running smoothly. The Reader does not load as well as the Gmail notifications. I could see a WordPress News Update on Gmail Password Leak but it does not open. It’s a good thing I have the two-step verification process so I am not too worried that my password is in danger of falling into the wrong hands.

I am still waiting for faster connection. I hope I do not need to take an early sleep as my next best option.


Net Neutral






Best Bet

Today, approximately at this same moment, I stood in front of a window shop in the capital, admiring a piece of an electronic machine I longed to acquire for years. I had the money in my pocket, the exact amount to surrender to the store owner in exchange for an equipment that would be my portal to the World Wide Web.

Two years passed by, thousands of pesos spent for electric bills and internet loads, thousands of hours dedicated on re-learning old knowledge and discovering new ones, thousands of words encoded while thousands more left on paper, I am still the wide-eyed user who believe that there are more variables in the equation I have not taken into consideration.

But the fact is, my productivity has increased a thousand fold. Information that I did not possess earlier were much easier to access. I was given the freedom to seek what I only thought previously as out of my reach.

I confess that I was a different man before, somewhat blind to other thoughts I have not heard, somewhat narrow-minded about certain ideas I deemed not important to me, somewhat indifferent about causes that did not affect my way of life. Now, I am continuously enlightened.

Surfing the Net, and blogging in particular, gave me an outlet to reach out and be heard. In the same breath, I was given the opportunity to listen to what others think. The free-flow of information has enabled us to exchange perspectives and be open to differing views. We are free.

When I think back, I often wonder. In a minute of hesitation, I could have shut down the portal to a wonderful world of discovery. Then, I am grateful that I entered the shop and bought the machine that has been a loyal companion through my journey.