Good morning everyone!

When I woke up this morning, I felt like a dead weight. My brain had a difficult time convincing my body to rise up and continue all the tasks waiting in the field. Alone, the work ahead of me could not be finished till mid January.

Well, I have no boss but myself so that’s all right. I can procrastinate all I want. My kind of farming could be called continuous interaction with Nature.

However, on the other hand, I am not the type who wants to see disorder daily. Right now, it’s almost total chaos in the area where the chainsaw guys worked for two days. If picking up dry leaves takes forever, imagine freshly-cut branches dangling on other branches, logs of different sizes from a foot to a fathom, slabs to collect and haul and all the small things needed to make the surrounding look cleaner and as natural as possible.

I have to be a juggler once more: use my waking hours intelligently, giving each task (field work, writing, blogging, rest, etc.)  its equal share of time and effort.

I will be in and out of the Net from this hour onward. Some of my blogging responsibilities will suffer but I will try hard to compensate for my shortcomings whenever I am online.

It’s a bit cloudy so field work beckons. 🙂

Have a great Sunday everyone!




Hello there guys and gals! Hope your Saturday is going great. 🙂

Since yesterday I have been busy administering the cutting and sizing of wood for my small (tiny is more like it) summer house. I could not accomplish full time blogging since the chainsaw operator and his helpers kept on coming to me for questions on which part of the trees to cut and how to go about it. I decided to stay offline to concentrate on one chore.

Added to that, I had to cut and clear fallen branches on some of the calamansi trees, hauling them to the center clearing where they would dry up and be used as firewood later. The hacking and hauling nearly consumed all my energy that when sunset came, I looked like a spent slave, trying to stay on my tired feet.

If you noticed last night I successfully published a single post. That was about it because I could not focus on the screen, my eyes surrendered to sleep.

Today, I had to manually haul the wood one by one from the site to the shed, a good forty yards one way. Literally, I bathed with perspiration, each load getting heavier as the day wore on. Weakened due to the repeated trips, the strain on my legs was too much to bear. A few minutes of rest could be considered precious, constant intake of water energy boosting.

I blame myself for the rash decision to let the chainsaw operator convinced me to do the job during the holidays. I consider myself a stickler to good planning but the situation called for instant action.

Anyway, all’s well that ends well, so to speak. I am tired but I am online. There is a big possibility that I might end up sleeping (again) in front of the computer. 😀

Happy blogging everyone!



More than halfway through December, I still do not feel the season having much impact on me. Except for the colder temperature in the morning that will drop further till February, everyday that has passed by was as ordinary as any other day of the year.

I don’t feel like Scrooge, mind you. I already prepared my presents for my godchildren well in advance; I bought them all a month ago during a sale.  Contrary with birthday gifts which I have to buy just before each special day arrived, my decision came about to free myself from the stress of last minute shopping.

Here’s how I look at it in a nutshell.

Christmas will come. New year, too.

Celebrations around, what to do?

Eating here and there, thank you!

At this time, I am spending a lot of time reviewing the contents of my site while on the side continuing revisions (taking forever) of old and new drafts.

I hope that next year I will be able to finally publish my first collection of stories.

Wish you all the best of the holidays!



It’s raining hard again. Anytime now, the internet connection will falter. 😦

That’s my signal to go offline.

Goodnight everyone.

Be well.



My mistake. I spoke too soon.

After I published my last post, you guessed it, double disaster. Where is justice in the world?

Turn negatives into positives, I ordered myself. No use complaining to entities who seemed too immune to constant criticisms from their customers. The storm has passed and the only explanation for the disservice is inefficiency.

Go out and spend hours in the garden. Grow some vegetables. Prune branches. Collect dry leaves. There are thousands of chores to accomplish during the forced hiatus.

By chance, I had a talk with someone I had not seen for a long time. Nope, he did not spend time in some institution: he probably went on a vacation.

Where? I meant to ask him that but I just waited. During the course of our conversation, he was bound to reveal where he came from.

“Long time,” I greeted, observing his physique. “You lost weight.”

“That’s intentional,” he replied, caressing his flat tummy.

When I last saw him, he weighed more than a hundred kilos. For his five-foot-five height, he looked like a medium-sized fridge. Literally.

“Did you starve yourself?” I joked, knowing him as one of the most popular individual in the village with a healthy appetite. “But you look good, man!”

“Thanks,” he grinned, then adding, “I fell in love.”

(Hold your horses, people. I know this sounds fiction but I myself could not believe his claim.)

“You had a weight-loss diet so your girl will like you. Is that it?”

“Not exactly although I guess you can say I did it for her.”

“Ah, you went to a far-flung place, where food is scarce.”

He laughed at my insinuation which was based purely on deduction: less food meant less eating. Naturally, he would lose weight.

“I had to run after her,” he continued, still toying with my curiosity.

“Why?” I asked, raising both my eyebrows. “Is she a criminal? A snatcher?”

He bent over laughing, my guessing was going over to the extreme.

“You’re crazy,” he said,  giving me a shadow jab to the face. “Maybe if she looks like movie star, why not?”

“Why then?” I asked impatiently. “Are you telling me or should I wrestle you to the ground to make you cough it out.”

“See!” he lifted the leg part of his pants, showing me the hairy portion.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I was clueless.

“I have muscles. Before there’s only fat.”

“Why not just give me a short answer so we can do away with this charade.”

“She runs a lot. Daily, during early mornings and late afternoons.”

“So you accompany her every time.” It made sense.

He nodded.

“And since you are too big to run around in stride with her, you have to lose weight.”

“She runs 10 kilometers. The first few times I ran with her, I surrendered after the second kilometer.”

This story deserved a happy ending.

“Where is she now? Did you bring her with you?”

“Not really,” he smiled wanly. “She married her co-worker.”

“I am sorry,” I said sincerely, patting him on the shoulder to give him comfort.

When I stared at him, he did not appear devastated at all. On the contrary, his confidence seemed to have improved.

“It’s okay,” his face brightened. “Now, women are running after me.”



Good morning fellow bloggers!

I am not sure what happened overnight but when I came back online the first time around earlier I discovered something different with WordPress. By the way, I am still using the classic dashboard so I am not too familiar with ‘the improved posting experience’ notification at the top portion.

I am still checking out the new updates. So far, the promised fast loading is true to its claim. We’ll see when my internet connection decides to play tricks with my online activity.

Well, for the past weeks I have no problems with the Reader, except for that old hiccup that persists: when the queue reaches 20 new posts, it automatically refreshes back to the top. I patiently waited for this glitch to be resolved although I am not sure when.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your continued support for my blogging efforts. If I am not having fun, I would have moved on to other platforms. You give me all the reasons to stay and blog on.

At the moment, I am rather out of rhythm so to speak. Probably all that singing two days ago distracted my creative thought process. 😀

Happy blogging guys and gals.



Good day guys and gals!

I am bit refreshed from yesterday’s rather serious theme. I know I promised to disengage from talking about topics other than the literary and which was followed much later with my personal ‘cleansing’ by seeking solitude, but the gruesome news I saw on television early on about a mother and child murder where the assailant robbed them, raped them and bashed their heads, extremely infuriated me to the point I had to voice out what was on my mind. Who could call such behavior human?

Most of us try hard to elevate our standards to the more civilized level. We strive for a more peaceful and humane world.

However, as long as there is much hatred going around, we will not see a future where people work together for the betterment of mankind.

I have been called a lot of things. When I was a child, they cited my starry-eyed view of the world. As a teen, they proclaimed my optimism. As a young adult, most people complained about my cynicism. Before I reached 40, when real life begins, I was hailed as a pacifist. At this mature age, I see myself as all of those and more.

I do not know all the solution to the ills in the world. What I know is that personally I can work hard so as not to be a problem of society.

Harsh Wednesday was over when I slept last night. Mild Thursday it is today.

Happy blogging everyone!



A lively tune for a cloudy day! 🙂

(while having a complicated experience online)

Hope the sun appears later on!

(and the connection stays on.)



Good morning fellow bloggers!

Just woke up again! 😀

Earlier, I had a short stint online when the connection suddenly vanished while I was in the middle of writing a post. Before, I would rant offline to let steam off. But after my ‘cleansing’ yesterday, I did not react negatively. Instead, I was calm and collect.

So, what did I do?

I went back to bed. Since it rained and the hour was still early, there’s not much I could do than replenish my strength through another round of dreaming. 🙂

Have a wonderful Sunday, you hear! That’s an order! 😀



As of this moment, nearly twenty hours and counting, I had no personal communication with anyone. Crazy as it might sound, I refrained (intentionally) to talk to anyone, giving all my time to myself, enveloping my world in a bubble where nothing could penetrate.

I had help, naturally. A long power outage forced me to stay outside for the duration. It was not difficult to lose myself to everyone. The nearly forested surrounding at home proved a favorable site to commune with Nature.

No internet (a genuine sacrifice), no writing (sigh), no food (stomach whining) and only water (thankfully) took me to a somewhat cleansing experience. It was an unplanned effort, an out of the blue notion, perhaps brought about by the thought of another month ending.

I don’t feel alone. In fact, I could hear people calling out to me earlier, checking on me, on why I became suddenly scarce from sight. I saw several of my godchildren searching through the orchard as if dismayed for not finding me, unseen in my hide and seek adventure. I could only smile from where I hid.

My last post explained it. I wanted to be my own island, separate from the rest of the world, for a time, that is. I needed to think, consult my muses, ask Nature, listen to whispers.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back to my former self. But, rejuvenated somewhat.

People will wonder why I did it. I am sure you are wondering why. 🙂

Just checking if I was still part of the human race. And, like my favorite grunge band’s front man shouted out loud, “I’m still alive!”