An idea comes to our mind, formed to satisfy a necessity or solve a particular problem. That’s true up to a certain extent. There will be factors beyond our control that we would be unable to continue what we set out to accomplish.

Since Christmas Day, I had this notion of spending my time surfing the Net during the holidays. I wanted to celebrate the festive season with my global family, so to speak, like the year before.

Fat chance! The same idea circled the minds of millions of other users, more particularly my countrymen who clogged the system. Social media platforms could have been overwhelmed with heavy internet traffic that the local service providers did not know what hit them. The slow connection came to a halt in some parts of the country. I was a victim in the mayhem.

Instead of giving myself a headache of waiting (too long) for a smooth connection, I decided to cut myself off from the air. (Unfortunately, I could not reply to most of your Christmas felicitations.)

Paying for the service which most likely would be unsatisfactory was self-defeating. I chose the smarter (forgive the pun) option.

A day stretched to weeks, then more until one thing led to another. The festivities and field work replaced the urge to go online. Daily, at the back of my mind, the ‘itch’ was egging me to reconsider.

The on-off connection made the decision to stay offline more acceptable. I did not like it but I had to.

Most times reality sucks. 😦



15 thoughts on “Unplanned

    1. Thank you. 🙂
      Forced holiday from the Net. (laughs) Anyway, everything was part fun, part field work. Chores will never be finished for a farmer.
      Wish you had a great holiday yourself with your family.

      1. Hi Belsbror, I would think being a farmer is very hard work but very rewarding. My husband is in sales and ended up working till 9 so little late to go out….We traded chocolate hearts…
        have a great week

      2. You’re quite correct. Farming is manual labor but also satisfying. I don’t need to go to the gym, pay fees to stay fit. (laughs)
        Good for you to spend Valentine’s Day with your husband. Very romantic indeed. 🙂
        Always wish you the best, everyday!

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