It’s hours before the DAY but it would seem the celebrations this year lack the traditional cheer we are accustomed to enjoy in the past. I am not really surprised for the austerity most people observed: their practicality won over their former happy-go-lucky behavior.

Sure, they will celebrate Christmas but not the way they used to. Belt-tightening is the primary reason people resorted to the downplayed holiday.

The loud fireworks are gone, either they became too expensive or too dangerous for all concerned. The flickering lights that once adorned every house, are less of a sight to behold because too few homes have them. Even the elaborate decorations which every family took weeks to assemble are conspicuously absent.

Years before, carolers often met each other on the road, eager to outdo one another with their singing prowess and flair in serenading households. Today, they need to send envelopes first to their prospects, veering away from tradition of surprising their hosts with angelic renditions of Christmas songs. On the extreme, families ignore them altogether, considering their annual practice as obsolete.

I am not sure what will Christmas be next year. But I am afraid, more and more people will consider it as an ordinary birthday celebration.

However, we can still look forward to the silver lining, so to speak. We can celebrate Christmas in our hearts everyday. That means we have 365 days of peace and kindness instead of just one.

Not a bad idea, eh? 😀



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