Hello there guys and gals! Hope your Saturday is going great. 🙂

Since yesterday I have been busy administering the cutting and sizing of wood for my small (tiny is more like it) summer house. I could not accomplish full time blogging since the chainsaw operator and his helpers kept on coming to me for questions on which part of the trees to cut and how to go about it. I decided to stay offline to concentrate on one chore.

Added to that, I had to cut and clear fallen branches on some of the calamansi trees, hauling them to the center clearing where they would dry up and be used as firewood later. The hacking and hauling nearly consumed all my energy that when sunset came, I looked like a spent slave, trying to stay on my tired feet.

If you noticed last night I successfully published a single post. That was about it because I could not focus on the screen, my eyes surrendered to sleep.

Today, I had to manually haul the wood one by one from the site to the shed, a good forty yards one way. Literally, I bathed with perspiration, each load getting heavier as the day wore on. Weakened due to the repeated trips, the strain on my legs was too much to bear. A few minutes of rest could be considered precious, constant intake of water energy boosting.

I blame myself for the rash decision to let the chainsaw operator convinced me to do the job during the holidays. I consider myself a stickler to good planning but the situation called for instant action.

Anyway, all’s well that ends well, so to speak. I am tired but I am online. There is a big possibility that I might end up sleeping (again) in front of the computer. 😀

Happy blogging everyone!


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