Happy moments do give us more hope for a better tomorrow. 🙂

A meaningful message during this time of the year.

Goodnight fellow bloggers!




4 thoughts on “Recollect

  1. Good Nite Belsbror….beautiful and thank you for such a nice….we just had two police men in New York City assasinated by some nut..they were just sitting in there police car…What ever is happening in our world is so sad…to think that the families must be sick and heartbroken…as i said on one of my paintings. Don’t for get to say I love you…we never know …do we…
    well Belsbror. Hope you sleep well and thank you for your comment on my Christmas Twin Angels
    so nice you

    1. There are places when sanity seems to have vanished and pure hatred took charge of peoples’ minds. Indeed, it’s so sad to live in such places. Terrible living when one is always in fear of losing one’s life or the lives of loved ones because of the animosities around.
      You’re right. We should be ready at all times.
      Take care. May you and your family be always safe.
      Happy holidays!

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