Pain could be our worst companion.

But it also makes us feel alive, filled with hope, to constantly yearn for something good to happen any time soon.

Never lose the will to live.

Goodnight everyone.

Be well.



12 thoughts on “Somber

  1. too hopefull to be true 😦 ….sometimes…we offer all our honesty to people who could destroy inside or outside parts…we have trust them and after we learn to love suffering more then us…suffering is the worst think we can not let go it is so hard to let your suffering back, it become your friend, or a part of you. do not bother to understand what i wrote.

    1. What you said is actually true. Sometimes, pain becomes our friend too. There are also sweet pain, something we feel that is a part of living.
      Love will teach us everything. Suffering is one of them. As the song said, “Love hurts.” 🙂

      1. I always appreciate the support. I know we are all busy at times but there will always be that period when we can connect with one another more often.
        Be well.

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