My mistake. I spoke too soon.

After I published my last post, you guessed it, double disaster. Where is justice in the world?

Turn negatives into positives, I ordered myself. No use complaining to entities who seemed too immune to constant criticisms from their customers. The storm has passed and the only explanation for the disservice is inefficiency.

Go out and spend hours in the garden. Grow some vegetables. Prune branches. Collect dry leaves. There are thousands of chores to accomplish during the forced hiatus.

By chance, I had a talk with someone I had not seen for a long time. Nope, he did not spend time in some institution: he probably went on a vacation.

Where? I meant to ask him that but I just waited. During the course of our conversation, he was bound to reveal where he came from.

“Long time,” I greeted, observing his physique. “You lost weight.”

“That’s intentional,” he replied, caressing his flat tummy.

When I last saw him, he weighed more than a hundred kilos. For his five-foot-five height, he looked like a medium-sized fridge. Literally.

“Did you starve yourself?” I joked, knowing him as one of the most popular individual in the village with a healthy appetite. “But you look good, man!”

“Thanks,” he grinned, then adding, “I fell in love.”

(Hold your horses, people. I know this sounds fiction but I myself could not believe his claim.)

“You had a weight-loss diet so your girl will like you. Is that it?”

“Not exactly although I guess you can say I did it for her.”

“Ah, you went to a far-flung place, where food is scarce.”

He laughed at my insinuation which was based purely on deduction: less food meant less eating. Naturally, he would lose weight.

“I had to run after her,” he continued, still toying with my curiosity.

“Why?” I asked, raising both my eyebrows. “Is she a criminal? A snatcher?”

He bent over laughing, my guessing was going over to the extreme.

“You’re crazy,” he said,  giving me a shadow jab to the face. “Maybe if she looks like movie star, why not?”

“Why then?” I asked impatiently. “Are you telling me or should I wrestle you to the ground to make you cough it out.”

“See!” he lifted the leg part of his pants, showing me the hairy portion.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I was clueless.

“I have muscles. Before there’s only fat.”

“Why not just give me a short answer so we can do away with this charade.”

“She runs a lot. Daily, during early mornings and late afternoons.”

“So you accompany her every time.” It made sense.

He nodded.

“And since you are too big to run around in stride with her, you have to lose weight.”

“She runs 10 kilometers. The first few times I ran with her, I surrendered after the second kilometer.”

This story deserved a happy ending.

“Where is she now? Did you bring her with you?”

“Not really,” he smiled wanly. “She married her co-worker.”

“I am sorry,” I said sincerely, patting him on the shoulder to give him comfort.

When I stared at him, he did not appear devastated at all. On the contrary, his confidence seemed to have improved.

“It’s okay,” his face brightened. “Now, women are running after me.”



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