Before I begin this day, in behalf of my countrymen, I would like to thank all of you who sent positive thoughts our way. I believe that our concerted efforts somewhat reduced an impending disaster into a more manageable natural occurrence.

Many people might not see it that way, that positive thoughts could be a powerful force to even influence Nature’s actions. Time and again, it has been proven during different occasions.

All day yesterday, before the super typhoon landed, we were united in seeking Mother Nature’s intervention, to calm the winds further so as not to make a repeat of last year’s devastation. We were ready to submit to any response to our plea.

We have no power supply almost the whole day yesterday but we did not care as long as the stormy weather did not affect us. A short rain in the morning and cloudy the whole afternoon, we were happy for the development.

Today, the sun is shining brightly out here. That’s what we wish for.

To everyone, we are much grateful for your natural goodness.



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