Animals follow their natural behavior. Some are predators while some are preys. It’s how their world works.

With human intervention, some of them could even talk or pretend to talk. Often, we marvel at their tricks, how they could entertain us to the point we care for them in our midst.

Animals do the positive things that endeared them to us. We love them.

But when things go wrong, we blame them for going back to their natural behavior, not performing the behavior we taught them to follow. We call them a lot of things, mostly bad. Worse, we give them their final rest.

Compared to animals, humans evolved differently. Even uneducated, we have natural intelligence. We could readily discern how we are supposed to act.

But in our world, should there be predators and preys, too?

When we begin to accumulate knowledge, anything, everything and all those in between, conflicts arise.

We are taught clashing ideologies and contrasting beliefs that promote misunderstanding. We follow leaders who instruct us what they believe is right. Just like a human training an animal, we submit willingly to their instigation.

When things go wrong as perceived by our leaders, when we obey the natural goodness in us, we are blamed for being weak, not the strong we are supposed to be. For that, we could be destined to our final rest.

We teach animals to behave positively. We tried. Most of the time, we succeeded.

Why can’t we teach ourselves the same thing? We tried. Unfortunately, we have not yet succeeded.



12 thoughts on “Wild

    1. Some leaders lead their flock astray. That’s how conflict arises. When the teachings incite violence instead of understanding, then it is how order breaks down,
      Teach goodness and everything will be fine.

      1. Teacher teaches and guides the students for example programming, arts and creativity. Finally, it depends on the students’ ability to learn, implement and their own talents.

      2. In related fields, that’s the ideal situation.
        In geopolitics and religion, the teaching goes beyond the classroom. Sometimes, this is where misunderstanding starts, when teachers/leaders knowingly misled their students/followers to certain ends.

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