As a man, I often wonder:

Why should men commit violence against women?

Are we that superior in strength to assert our will against the opposite sex?

Indeed, various thoughts circle in a man’s head. Some are good and some are bad. There are pure feelings and there are insidious temptations. In any event, a conscience exists to forewarn a person that what he was about to do is wrong.

But, what makes a man proceed with his evil intentions?

He has no respect for another person.

If he treats somebody as he treats himself, with dignity and honor, then he will never hurt someone.

He gives in to his savage instincts.

Once reason and sanity leave his mind, he will be prone to rash behavior. He would not even think of the consequences of his action: he will be immune from feeling any guilt.

When confronted with the crime, he may or may not assume responsibility. In extreme cases, he continues to perpetuate his despicable acts.

Is he a real man? Human?

I don’t think so.

Be human, then. Do nothing to degrade one’s humanity.


22 thoughts on “Must

  1. Men have always been aggressive, not just towards women, but each other, animals, the environment. It is something many of them feel is a right due to their cultures and/or how they were raised. Right now, due to an article in Rollingstone Magazine, there is huge hoopla about a local, prestigious university and how men in fraternities take it as their right to abuse/rape women. Women report these outrages and because of the culture of entitlement at the university, nothing is done. It has been going on for years, this entitlement of the men and their actions. Now suddenly, the university is forced to back track and to behave in the manner they should have, all the time. Many of the students are wealthy and again, another entitlement due to that wealth. All people deserve to be treated with honor regardless of age, sex, wealth or lack of it. Great post. And I so love the kitties in the banner.

    1. What you stated is spot on. At least, in your country, there are remedies in place. Justice could be served.
      Locally, though, the situation is worse. Yes, some cases reached their rightful end. But there are thousands of unreported cases that have been going on for decades. Silent victims fear for their lives. At times, society is also to blame for turning a blind eye about these domestic violence.
      If man can only control himself, more than half the problem could be solved.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Is he human? Of course. I don’t see male badgers beating up female badgers, nor do I see male rabbits stalking female rabbits. The behaviours you describe are only too human. Let us move on to the Islamic state. How many animals cut other animals’ heads off?

  3. I’d also ask why men commit violence towards other men. Hardly a day goes past where I don’t read about someone being attacked for no reason other than they are there.
    If we have respect for ourselves we should be able to treat others with respect.Perhaps we should start teaching in school the old codes of chivalry where the strong protect the weak, feed the poor.Anyone who can’t fit in with that can either be treated for a mental illness or placed into the armed forces an at least trained to use that force in defence.

    1. True. Men also commit violence against other men. Worse is the crime against women.
      You mentioned the right ideas on how to solve the problem. It will be a difficult process but we have to try.
      I still believe, we humans should act like one. Savagery and barbarity have no place in our civilized societies.

      1. I totally agree with you as I agree that violence against women is terrible.
        Is this taught in the home though as it certainly isn’t a school subject. Where do we learn violence except through the home or an endless round of films and video games, comics and books? We don’t teach children self defence, we teach them to bully and they learn by watching us as parents.
        Some countries dehumanise their people so that violence is a way of life if you hold power and you don’t mind torturing or killing your own people.
        We need to start by educating children away from violence

      2. Media influence varies, I guess. Some people are more prone to mimicking what they see or play with. Nonetheless, the violence shown could influence their lifestyles and the way they think.
        You are correct: educating children away from violence helps in the long run.

    1. Who is born bad? I believe, no one. Partly, society is to blame. However, every individual has a chance to cultivate his good side. In my opinion, it is the best reason why we exist.

  4. I believe children are precious souls, born pure. By watching and imitating adults who have never learned to problem solve their own frustrations, the programming is put in. I have two teenage sons, who indulge in computer games and comics. One of them is an incredible artist, who may be making his way one days as a comic book artist. While it is not something I chose for him, it was an inborn talent of who he is. HE is not violent. And something, we forget, that when our own hearts are filled with light, and hearts in our community are filled with light, naturally, children born into groups of people like this will be able to keep the light in their heart that is born with them from the Heavens. It is but US, the adults, the community, who offer the harm and hurt to our young ones, and they simply but copy us, burned deeply into their nervous system patterns since young. It is of utmost importance that people look inside themselves, and to bring out light by example in their own interactions. I am not a fan of violence, but I am not also a fan of being gutless in the face of imposed violence either. To teach a child, by example, how to respond to ones own conscience is to teach them by demonstration. If our children are going wrong in our societies, we, all adults, are but the ones to blame. All our instincts are necessary and healthy for a happy life, they only become perverted in great repressions of the natural human. They become perverted when a child’s pure heart is harmed by unconscious teachers, parents, community. When a child is controlled instead of guided with consciousness from others, great hurts happen within the psyche. When a child is neglected in the areas of love, morality, and chivalry, a child will reflect that as a grown up.

    1. There are many studies of all sorts on why people become violent. Of course, they concluded based on their findings.
      Personally, I feel all of us has the tendency. However, if we stop it from ruling our emotions, then we could always be quick to refrain from violence. Control is the key. It is our body and mind. We should learn to control it.
      I am glad to know about your sons’ progress. With your motherly guidance, I am sure they will grow up to be responsible individuals.

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