Note: This is but a friendly reminder to citizens of developed nations.

By all means let us be kind to others and share some of what we could afford to give. What we call old clothes could be used by the less fortunate and what we call old toys could be played with by poor children.

However, sometimes other people with ill motives try to take advantage of our generosity, when what we think as our contribution to a laudable cause ends up as a second-hand commodity.

Using the reliable tactic of serenading our hearts by citing news of disasters in their countries of origin, these wily operators roam around collecting clothes, toys or anything of moderate value. Looking official, bringing along papers that purportedly state their legitimacy, they could convince you without raising any suspicion of their malpractice.

If you really want to help, give your donations to reputable organizations that genuinely assist the victims of disasters. You will be relieved that what you give will go to worthy recipients.

This is the season of giving, not the season of making money out of the kindness of people. Let us not help perpetuate the scheme by indirectly supporting those opportunists. With less commodity to send back home for sale, their illicit business will die a natural death.



17 thoughts on “Warning

  1. Dis baie waar.
    Wees ook versigtig om geld vir bedelaars te gee. Die bedelaar is baie keer deel van ‘n netwerk en die persoon wie jy dink jy help, kry nie noodwendig die geld nie. Gee eerder ‘n vrug of kos, dan weet jy hy het die voordeel daarvan en ook dat dit nie vir verkeerde goed aangewend sal word nie.

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