Enough Said

As a farmer, I am aware how difficult it is to produce food. It’s a backbreaking job but somebody has to do it so consumers will have something to buy and eat.

I do not have to preach how important it is not to waste food. Of course, everyone has the right to do whatever they want with the stuff they bought. It is their hard earned money they spent.

But, in these hard times, should we not make ourselves more sensible in our food preparations? Should we not minimize leftovers which more often than not are not eaten later on but thrown away? Yes, it’s their money. Do they throw money now?

When I was still a city dweller, I often eat at fast food joints. I have seen a lot of wasted food left on plates that were automatically destined to thrash bags. I was not a farmer then but I still shook my head witnessing how good food turned to waste in a matter of minutes.

Perhaps, we should make a pledge to ourselves, that wherever we go, whenever we eat, we should take a small portion first. If that’s not enough, by all means take some more until we are satiated.

Please remember that a clean plate does not only look good, the dishwasher would be much grateful for an easier chore. 😀



26 thoughts on “Enough Said

      1. I’ve done it for two years, and I love it. Simple as that. Wish I had more land for more planting. 🙂 Mustn’t be greedy, though. LOL There’s nothing like a salad made entirely from my own garden.

  1. This is indeed sad whenever I see people throwing away food. Whenever I order food, I often ask them no need rice or rice lesser by half. Normally, people disagree in this. But it is my way not to waste food.

    1. That’s commendable of you. 🙂
      Fast food joints and restaurants should offer rebates for less food or they could sell small portions for those who wants them.

      1. Should be. But normally I don’t go to fast food. Normal cafe food. Normally, I still pay the same amount. It’s alright because I don’t want to waste food. When I go to Cinema, I choose not to have popcorn. Unless with my husband and son. Then we bring home the leftovers and enjoy it slowly. It is so wasteful to see thrown leftover popcorns at the cinema seats. This is awful. I don’t know what is the food throwers’ mindset. What is world going to be? 😦

      2. It’s not only in developed nations but also here in a Third World country where food wastage is rampant. Like you I am confused how people could throw away good food.
        I wish that during these festive days, the wastage would be limited to a minimum. People should be considerate enough to think of all those people starving.
        Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
        Blessings to you and your family. 🙂

  2. Well said. I hate wasting food, so much so that I once took a half-eaten tomato on a road trip because I didn’t want it to go to waste. My kids will never let me live that one down. 🙂

    1. Well, it’s not too difficult to make it habit of not wasting food. Personally, I always think of starving people whenever I am tempted to leave food to waste.

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