I like to watch television advertisements once in while. Some of them are well-crafted, somewhat a very short story shown for thirty seconds to a full minute.

For sure, they also break the monotony of a long viewing experience, giving viewers time to visit the rest room or in my case, sneak in and out of the Net.

I often go to the neighbors to watch whatever shows they preferred. I start with the news and leave before a telenovela series begins. I stay longer if a sports spectacle is on like a championship basketball match or if an international football competition interests me.

One time, I went to my godson’s house. They were only three in the household so there was slim chance a remote control fight for domination would take place.

The news was nearly finished so I began to prepare my exit.

“Ninong, look at the commercial,” he pointed to the screen. The half naked man was in front of the mirror shaving his beard. “Will I do that too?”

“Our family has no genes of facial hair,” his father replied, quickly intervening. “Be glad you won’t need to buy all those stuff.”

I could have seen him distraught. He probably imagined himself like the actor in the commercial when he grew up.

“Why show that on television? Men already know how to shave.”

Good point. However, he was not yet aware of the power of subliminal influence a commercial could provide to boost the sales of a product.

“You ask too many questions,” his mother reprimanded him. His distractions soured our concentration.

“He’s curious so I guess it’s okay.” He liked me because I often took his side.

The newscast was over so I stood up, ready to go back home to continue my online activities.

“Goodnight to you all.”

“Goodnight, Ninong.”

I was at the doorstep when I heard my godson asked his father when another familiar commercial came on the screen.

“Dad, why don’t they show on TV how to use a sanitary napkin? Where do they use them anyway?”

Frankly, I was grateful I was out of there. 😀



16 thoughts on “Questionable

    1. Hahaha! For a long time, thankfully, I have not been unlucky to be asked by a curious boy about the birds and the bees. He has to look somewhere else because I would zip my mouth even if I can explain them to him in a sober manner. There are things people discover for themselves. Eventually. 😀

  1. Haha that is so precious. Growing up with only women, my sister, my mom who was a hairdresser and my grandmother who was a midwife, we learned very young never really having to ask. My daughter now has 3 boys, I wonder how those talks will go:)

    1. My parents did not explain anything. I discovered it myself when I was in high school, through reading. 🙂
      Anyway, it’s rather difficult to explain the subject to a boy than to a girl. Girls would understand it faster. Boys will ask all sorts of questions that only experience could answer.

      1. When I was pregnant with my daughter, my son was 2 and asked how the baby got in there. I explained as best I could but still stuck with facts. A year later my mother was widowed, and he felt bad for her. Nanny, you should have a baby. She replied, but I don’t have a husband anymore. He said, That’s okay, Nanny, I will give you one of my seeds from my testicle. My mom was shocked. Fast forward to 10 yrs old, I gave him a book that said it all for youngsters…his response was, “Wow, you and dad did IT twice!”

    1. How should I put it. Ah, I have a TV at home but I do not have a satellite connection. (It is a must here if one wants to watch ordinary programming.) I go to the neighbors to watch. It is the most cost efficient way for everyone concerned. (laughs)

      1. You have put it perfectly. It was just funny how you wrote it, although it does have to be a pain in the behind to have to move from place to place just to watch something you want to watch. And if you think about it, you´re actually making them a favour by appearing in their house, I would say to them : I´m just here to spend some quality time, plus it´s ME so you should actually be thankful…..
        But that´s just me what I would say.

      2. Just imagine this. During a power outage, we feel like we are in the early 1900s so we have more time to talk face to face. During TV time, we feel like we are in the 1990s because of the commercials, still we have time to talk.
        One of the best things I like living in the province is the personal interaction between people.
        As you aptly put it. we still manage to spend quality time together by having frequent conversations.
        Technology does not rule our lives here. 🙂

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