“You should tell her, son!”

Allen came back home sooner than everyone expected. His mission, a success, should be known by his parents, who unfortunately did not share his joy when they heard of it. They were absolutely glad that he found a girl to love but at what cost. Afraid that he would suffer a heartbreak, they explained to him why their lukewarm welcome to his wedding plan.

But, he would not listen. Instead, he went to his room and gathered more clothes for his eventual trip back to her. He kept repeating in his mind that everything would be all right, not as the way his parents painted the scenario he would not want to accept.

“Be honest with her,” his mother said. “You should tell her.”

“I will, Ma!” he promised, giving them more reason to lessen their misgivings. “I am just choosing the right moment.”

Still, Mang Tony was not satisfied with Allen’s assurance. It was the girl’s unpredictable response that worried him.

“Do you believe she loves you so much that she will accept you as you are?” his father asked, concerned for his eventual fall from grace.

“Ma, Pa, Stella is the most faithful woman I have ever known.” Allen said proudly. “Of course, Ma will always be number one.”

Aling Tina sat next to him, letting him feel she appreciated his gratitude: a mother would always support her child.

“I do not doubt that, son. I am just saying that she might change her mind all of a sudden.”

“You will like her a lot, Ma. I am very sure.” He tried another tact, veering away from the current issue. “I’ll bring her along next time.”

However, his parents would not move on. They persisted that for Allen the discussion was not going in his favor. In fact, slowly, their pessimism seemed to infect him that it began to cloud his rosy expectations.

“I love her, Ma. I will do anything to keep her.”

Aling Tina could not fault his son about his feelings: he was entitled to be happy, period.

“I can only hope that you are correct, son. That she will be there for you come what may.”

“Thank you, Ma.”

Allen was relieved that his mother reluctantly gave her blessing. Not his father, though, more or less difficult to convince.

Mang Tony walked past his wife and son, looking out to the darkness outside. He wished he could open Allen’s mind so that his son could go slow with his rash decision.

“Son, we want you married, too. But, keep in mind that you run the risk of disappointing yourself if what you believe does not happen according to your wishes. I think you should see what’s her reaction first before jumping forward to the next phase. You are getting ahead, way too much ahead, that perhaps you should wait a while longer.”

Allen kept quiet. His parents talked of realities while he held tightly to the notion that love would conquer all.

To be separated from her would shatter his beliefs. He could not think of such a prospect at the moment. Perhaps, not ever.

Or else, he could never love the same way again.

(to be continued)



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