“Get ready! You’re going with me!”

Allen was a born follower. He could be blinded by the faults of his leader as long as he could stomach the orders given him. His boss was not the best employer he had served for a long time but at least he was not starved whenever he was brought along on different occasions.

Danny and Ed trusted him to decide for them as they, too, got the chance to tag along during some of the trips. In fact, their job was not too difficult to learn: stay alert and look tough. They never realized that their physical built was the asset their employer took advantage of.

“Where is he going?” Ed asked, eyeing the bank guard with his patented look.

“Look natural, I said,” Danny nudged him. “Don’t look suspicious!”

“Will you two shut up?” Allen ordered as quietly as possible. “Boss goes in. We wait. He goes out. We follow. That’s it!”

“That guard keep staring at us,” Ed observed, returning the dagger looks of the bank security personnel. “I think he suspects us to do something criminal.”

“You’re imagining things!” Danny kept his voice down, nervous that Ed’s false notions could get them into trouble.

“I am having second thoughts of bringing you the next time around,” Allen commented, smiling at the guard who Ed distrusted. “I have done this alone before. I had no problems whatsoever.”

“It’s Ed’s fault,” Danny complained. “He’s making waves.”

“At least, I am keeping watch, observing what’s happening around,” Ed defended his actuation.

“All right!” Allen has had enough of the bickering. “Keep quiet, please!”

A curious passerby noticed them, trying to figure out what they were up to. Their working clothes were not the best attire in front of a bank, meaning they were too unnatural to be clients.

In minutes, two uniformed policeman accosted them, ready to make arrests if they could not explain clearly their purpose.

“Waiting for someone?” asked the rookie cop, eager to impress his partner who looked like his father.

“Are you lost?” the older lawman asked politely. “We can point you to the right direction.”

“We’re waiting for our boss. He’s inside.” Allen watched their hands on the handles of their guns.

“He looks funny,” laughed the junior officer, derision was evident in his tone.

Allen kept his cool, never wishing to get dragged to an argument, especially with lawmen.

“I think we’ll wait awhile,” the older policeman said. “Here! If you do not mind.”

“Of course, officer.” Allen smiled, trying to befriend an ally instead of angering an enemy.

“You should see an eye doctor,” suggested the rookie cop, his obnoxiousness extreme. “If I see you in a dark place, I could have suspected you as a criminal.”

“I’ll think it over, officer,” Allen replied. “And if I ever encounter you in a dark place, I’ll probably run.”

Ed and Danny could not help themselves laughing. Allen was at it again: his sense of humor always tickled their bones.

“And what does that suppose to mean?” asked the rookie cop, his face looking more like a Halloween mask.

“Stop it!” the older lawman ordered. “Remember, you started it.”

The bank door opened, customers coming out to join the crowd outside.

“Is there a problem here, officer?” Mr. Yang carried a brief case which he handed to Allen.

“No, sir. Just doing our job, patrolling the streets.”

“They’ve been kind to us, Boss.” Allen added.

(to be continued)



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