Good morning everyone!

What can I say? We have a fickle weather today!

A glorious sunrise woke me up, the golden rays seeping through the ajar jalousies, driving darkness away. Even my ‘housemates’ scampered to their hiding places behind picture frames, waiting patiently for the night to arrive.

In an hour or so, the clouds from the northeast flew by, heavy and grayish, indicating the sunny climate would be over. Indeed, a few minutes later, the diagonal rain dropped, rushing down to dry earth like miniscule fragments of meteorites.

Lo and behold, the sun dictated its supremacy and drove the clouds away. Warmth of sunshine descended,  delighting birds and insects which automatically sounded their approval. Even the trees swayed, livelier than during the shower.

Oh, wait! There are more clouds coming this way. I bet they would not surrender too easily. Another climactic battle is in the offing.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, my broadband connection is erratic at the moment. As usual, the weather affects communications around these underdeveloped parts of the country.

That’s it, I guess. You cannot have all the comforts of a simple life. 😀



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