One of the many frogs nearby croaked its last for the night. A calm silence presided all around except for the only unseen insect I could still hear in the background, accompanying me with my late night blogging.

The rains has just stopped. When I went outside to check the sky, it was pitch black, not one star could be seen above. But dark clouds forebode still of more showers.

The neighborhood slept early. It was surprising that no one engaged in karaoke singing. Perhaps, they did not wish the inclement weather to continue, or worsen. 😀

I could sleep early but since power and internet connections seem uncannily flawless, flowing and working respectively, I decided to hang on till my eyes surrender.

By the way, I am nearly finished with the Pages updates. You can check the playlist in the Media Influence page while the stories, listed in chronological order, are in the Fiction page.

Happy blogging everyone!



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