Good morning guys and gals! Another Monday of activities ahead of us.

I just want to remind us all, I included of course,  to be as sensitive to the feelings of others. There’s no harm if we listen first and discuss any matter in a more civilized way. Our patience would be rewarded with a harmonious relationship with other people.

It is not everyday I chance upon a situation where two people were at loggerheads with each other. To think that they quarreled about something too petty to waste saliva for more than a minute was definitely not my choice to start my day.

I knew both individuals personally so I could not side with any of them because each one had their own ground to defend.

“What’s the problem?” I asked. They stood near my fence, arguing.

“Sunday is the start of the week, isn’t it?” one asked me. I’d call him Tall.

“It’s Monday,” argued the other. Him I’d call Short.

“Are you blind?” Tall said. “Look at the calendar.”

“Sunday is the seventh day,” Short reasoned. “Naturally, Monday is the first.”

Frankly, I blamed myself for approaching them, entering a discussion that if I was to be asked personally, I would say, “Why bother?”

“What’s so important for either of you if Sunday or Monday is the first day of the week?” the diplomat in me asked. “Why not leave it alone and do your thing?”

“You tell us,” Tall said. “Which is the first day of the week?”

“Yeah,” Short agreed. “Whatever you say I will accept.”

“That’s fine with me,” Tall nodded.

Good grief! Now, it was I who was pushed to the spotlight, so to speak. I have to be creative in answering so not one of them would win or lose.

“Both of them is the first day of the week,” I began.

They stared at each other, disbelief in their faces, confused how I could extricate myself from my claim.

“We are a Christian country, right?” I continued. “To our religious perspective, the Lord’s day is always the first. So, in effect Sunday it is.”

Short was about to interrupt but I raised my hand: Tall grinned, noting I was on his side.

“But, we are also a republic, where laws are obeyed, right?”

“Monday is the first working day of the week,” Short picked up the logic.


Tall and Short were of two minds whether to accept my explanation or not.

“The days of the week are there to regulate our lives. Imagine the chaos if there is no definite measure of time.”

They both scratched their heads, perplexed where my monologue would lead to.

“Do you want me to explain to you why?”

“I have to get my carabao,” Tall said, turning around.

“Good idea,” Short added. “I need to get mine, too.”

Perfect! I knew how allergic they were when it came to more philosophical discussions. My plan diffused their argument and I was grateful to go back inside the house and write.


15 thoughts on “Cautious

  1. fabulous and thoughtful text…a very beautiful link to accompany it, this may be one of the finer videos I’ve seen, the beautiful location and horses, and of course, the lovely and talented Sheryl. Thank you belshor.

    1. Very perceptive of you. (laughs) I tried hard not to write it with the religious slant. I am not prepared to discuss history. 🙂
      Oh, I love the version because of the video. 🙂
      Peace be with you, too.

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