I told her, “I love you!”

She smiled, “you do?”

I said, “yes.”

No less.

I told her, “believe me.”

She said, “we’ll see.”

I asked, “why?”

No, try.

She told me, “prove it!”

I asked, “submit?”

She said, “why not?”

No, but.



25 thoughts on “Cunning

      1. Oh, the subtle suggestion led you to it. 🙂
        They are called whispers because they are literally so. 😀
        I am not as poetically versed as you are. Your stuff are woven intricately to form a cohesive story. Just like the lyrics of Hotel California.

      1. I love your blog. You write from an inner space, like a whisper not quite heard, like the breeze amongst the trees.
        You inspire the poet in me.

      1. The word ‘but’ presents the uncertainties both of them must risk. If the man submits just to get her and then lies. Or if the woman accepts him anyway and then lies.
        Love is so complex and yet so simple.

      2. Ideally, what you said is right. But both men and women often treats Love differently. It’s like Beauty. We see differently what is beautiful. In Love, some men see it as purely attraction while some women see it as purely romance. We have a local saying that states: Love will sustain you but it will not feed you. That’s the reality of it.

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