Okay! I give up!

I can’t fight this feeling any longer!

I fell asleep in front of the screen. 😀

Goodnight everyone!

Be well!



16 thoughts on “Surrender

    1. Just woke up from the real sleep. 🙂
      Often, I take quickies, two-minute naps in front of the computer. It’s silly really but I do it especially when I listen on YouTube. 😀

      1. Yep I can relate to those two-minute quickies, although I don’t know I have fallen asleep at the time till I wake up and find I have a jumbled mess of letters on my screen – hands were still resting on keyboard when I nodded off !!!

      1. Ooooooh, siestas – now that’s a grand idea if one can…perhaps we should all move to the Mediterranean countries where in many of them life/work stops around lunchtime and restarts in afternoon thus providing the opportunity for a bit of a snooze after lunch 😀

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