A new day has begun. 🙂

Since I have always been a James Bond avid film viewer, I like this video to set the tone for today.

This is one of my favorites. 😀



4 thoughts on “Conceive

  1. There´s this saying in Spanish that goes like this, ” hope you´re having a great day cause I´m sure someone will come and screw it up.” Little Spanish humour……the key, is not letting nobody screw up your day do whatever they do. Keep strong, go about your business and don´t be too much of a fool.

    Have a great start of the week belsbor.

    1. You are right on the spot. 🙂
      Someone screw up my day: we had a long power outage. 😦
      Anyway, it is not a loss after all. I got some inspiration while doing field work.
      You, too! Have a wonderful week! Siesta and all! 😀

      1. See, the old Spanish saying or as we say here in Spain, the sayings of our grandparents are usually true, they do come from wisdom.

        Will do, siesta is a religion here.

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