Humans do not age similarly. Physically, there would be differences depending on lifestyles and other factors including the environment where one lives. Even one’s emotional well-being could either add or subtract traces of the years one has spent in this world.

There are times we lie about our age: call it anything you like but we often wish we could be younger.

On the contrary, there are times being old has its advantages: financially, that is.

When the local law was passed a couple of decades ago to give benefits to those aged 60 and above, the euphoria was short-lived. The dilemma was obvious: tell one’s exact age and partake of the bonanza or not to admit at all, preferring to live a lie without receiving the legislated perks.

Then, there are those who wish to avail of the benefits but do not pass the minimum requirement of age. What to do?

They copy what I call the teenager solution: proclaim to be older even if one could not prove it.

In the case of those who has not reached the threshold,  instead of lying about their age to be seen as younger, they actually claim that they are sixty or over. They might even edit their age on identification cards just to satisfy those curious why they appeared young at such advance age.

Frankly, I envy senior citizens. They get 20 percent discount on all personal purchases and other services like travel. Some are given free passes on movie houses.

Well, I still have a long time to spend before I reach that milestone. Unless, I try to pass off as one, just for the sake of it. 😀



14 thoughts on “Adjusted

      1. You may, but I can neither clarify or deny these claims. My identity is the subject of conspiracy, you see?
        However, if I could say anything, it would be to say that you may be on the right lines of thought.

      2. Aha! A gentleman in Her Majesty’s service. Your stories seem to point to the cloak and dagger stuff. I read Le Carre’s The Spy Who Came In From The Cold. Most people said it is too deep and difficult to understand, and I agree. But I loved it. 🙂

      3. I think I have been explicitly clear about my deep and unrelenting dislike for the Royal family, haven’t I?
        But, that isn’t too say that I would not accept her money, again. Henry follows the money until the money runs out. Then I follow revenge and whatever runs away. I shit the MI5 for breakfast!

      4. In real life, spies do not confirm who they work for. On the contrary they aver they hate their supposed employer. Call it reverse psychology. 🙂
        Anyway, I won’t insist on who you work for. This is the internet. Everyone is listening. (laughs)
        Good hunting, Henry. (Oh, I am sure that is not your real name.)

  1. I have long since passed the threshold and I am beginning to wonder exactly how I got here. It is not so bad, though. I don’t really feel like I am 76 years old. My memory is sharp and my health is good enough that I don’t have any major problems …. Life is good. The very sensation of living is enjoyable to me. Of course I have not yet had the pleasure of experiencing what the “Other Side” might be like and quite frankly I am not so sure I am ready to find out …. not just yet at any rate.

    1. You are so lucky! I wish you more fruitful years ahead!
      In my opinion, the ‘other side’ should wait until we have finished our purpose here on Earth. The thought of the beyond crosses my mind once in a while but I always believe in fate: if it’s my time, that’s it! 🙂
      Anyway, like you, I try to watch my health, read a lot to make my mind sharp and laugh daily so as not to look older than my age. (laughs)
      May you have the best Sunday there is.

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