Note: Take this hint as to why it is only now I reappeared.

The electrical highway was empty!

At exactly fifteen minutes after one in the afternoon, no more no less seconds, they stopped working. It was not clear what transpired before that but what was absolutely wrong afterward occurred.

Humans did not understand why their supply of electricity was cut. Almost instantly, they suspected of either two things: unavoidable circumstances or plain neglect.

Appliances went dead, deprived of its purpose to serve. Those lucky to have batteries were less hopeful to survive continued operation: slowly drained, they clung to dear life.

For hours, thousands of questions from thousands of brains were sent to their respective mouths demanding explanations. Unfortunately, the hundreds of pairs of ears of those in charge were not listening nor their brains capable of sending to their mouths the answers that would clarify the phenomena.

Here’s what really happened.

Electrons went on strike!

Inside the power plant, there was a massive explosion from within, unseen by human workers. Millions of electrons lost their function trying to cross a short circuit, heroically sacrificing themselves as not to stop their continuous flow from load to load. That unprecedented spark triggered electrical protests.

The leaderless uprising went on. Their sole demand: repair their highway before they would reconsider going back to work or else they would cease running indefinitely.

Humans worked overtime, trying to discover where the problem originated. First, the power plant was scoured for malfunctions. Once, the maintenance checks were completed and all machines ready for a restart, field work came next.

In an undisclosed part of the hundreds of kilometers of transmission lines, thin wires of coils inside transformers, drop wires from thousands of posts to homes, certain gaps could have been created due to various reasons: old age, degradation from the elements, human interventions.

Luckily, the process that could have taken months using old techniques was hastened with the use of better technologies. The faults in the lines were pinpointed, repaired and approved.

Nearly a day has passed, celebrations erupted in the air. For humans, electricity was restored. For electrons, somewhere unseen, their unimpeded run meant efficient work.

The electrical highway was back to its busy state.




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