Hello guys and gals!

May your day be the opposite of our gloomy day here in the Orient!

I do apologize for my sudden exit last night. I had no control over it. 😦

You see, I was just feeling so high right at that moment, even singing along with Melissa as if she was in front of me. (Okay, you’re free to laugh!) Of course, I pretended to reverse our roles. 😀

I heard the song before but last night it hit me real deep, her intensity was mine (feelings I had in the past), her longing mirrors mine, her pleas were eerily identical to mine.

I was soaring up to the seventh heaven, then bang! I was shot down back to the real world. Damn!

That’s why I was so pissed when the power outage struck, when the best part of my night was reaching its pinnacle. (Don’t get any other ideas. I am talking figuratively here.)

Yeah! “I survived all the implications.”

Any way, today should be different (crossing fingers). I hope it will be more productive. 🙂

Keep blogging!



2 thoughts on “Swore

  1. ‘when the best part of my night was reaching its pinnacle’ What do you think we’d suggest here? lol I’m sorry you had yet another power outage to spoil your night. Fingers crossed today will be better.
    The order to ‘Keep Blogging’ includes you..

    1. Hahaha! That sounded innocent when I wrote it. 🙂
      I am preparing some scheduled posts just in case the same thing happens tonight. I hope, it won’t happen again.
      I will keep on blogging. 🙂

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