Hello fellow bloggers!

May your day be as bright as the sunny day we are experiencing today.

At the moment, I am in some kind of a bind.

All right! I will confess. I am tempted to join NaNoWriMo this year.

However, like last year, I cannot come up with an idea that could be stretched to fifty thousand words or more. I have unfinished novels but I don’t think it’s fair to submit any of them as an entry and hope to finish my choice because of the deadline.

Frankly, I am more at ease writing short stories, a novelette perhaps if the plot is strong and viable. My problem, which I am trying to solve, is how to keep the pacing right. I read books that sustained my interest right from the start until the last page. I need that technique discovered and practiced.

Anyway, many of you who patiently read my stories would be glad to know that more series will be in the offing. I am blending genres: romantic, mystery, suspense, action, comedy, etc. At least, I don’t limit myself to one.

I am wishing all participants this year the best. Good luck!



11 thoughts on “Skip

  1. Hope your day or week gets better, soon! Binds and complications that seem to me you are fully capable of fulfilling the limits of numbers… You are adept at many areas of genres, I enjoy your writing… Your first line was a good one!

  2. I have, kind of, the same problem. I wrote to them last year because I wanted to do the November thing and they recommended I do the April poetry month, which is what I did. I’m not sure if they accept short stories for that as well, but they may have something that is better suited.

      1. I agree. It’s good for me because it forces me to blog. I’m a bit shy about blogging although I’ve gotten much better about it. You don’t seem to have a problem…a good thing, especially in someone so talented.

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