“Should I continue the story?”

His retirement was so abrupt, the Agency Director has to personally see him to reconsider his decision. But citing personal reasons and his determination to leave the force in one piece, the higher ups had to let him have his way, to fade away with full pension and a pledge to never malign the organization he faithfully served for a lifetime.

You should!” Hope kept him company. She was delighted everything went well, so far at least.

At home, Detective Moreno was simply Dave. A widower with no child to be proud of. He might as well be considered an orphan since all his relatives immigrated abroad like he was when he was still young.

His emigration back to the land of his clan’s birth was a necessary transition: a new beginning.

Yes, he was once a law breaker, a juvenile delinquent, a gang member, a user and all that was wrong society tried to prevent developing in a teenager’s life. But Dave the Brave, as he was notoriously called back then, was a fearless young criminal, his clan’s terrible headache that would never go away.

He was a risk-taker, a firm believer in luck, and never afraid of death, or so he claimed.

His nefarious activities finally reached its limits: he should have died before his 18th birthday.

Shot several times in the body, left bleeding profusely on a curb, he was given a fifty percent chance to live after he was brought in the hospital by a passerby. The Good Samaritan was never recognized.

Miraculously, Dave survived. He was lucky, he believed.

And, one fateful night, after he was given the good news for a quick recovery, he fell into a deep sleep. Somewhere in his dream, an inspiring motivation persuaded him to search for a place to start all over again. As a new person with new ideals, he would be the reformed soul who would never revert back to his wild ways.

No other love, he promised. The love to do good.

He was filled with immeasurable hope that he was figuratively reborn the next day.

Dutifully assisted by his father’s friend, he entered the field of law enforcement, combating all that once he has been, dedicating his time to make things right.

“Is this still a continuation of my recovery?” he asked himself aloud, waiting for a response deep in his head.

I was part of that group. I assigned myself to you in a different capacity.  A muse for better decision-making.

“Perhaps, it still is,” he surmised.

Dave opened all the windows and let sunshine in. The breeze freely roamed inside his house, refreshing the stuffed air, rekindling old plans to keep him busy during his retirement days.

Except for the notebooks and scraps of written thoughts on paper, all of Emil’s effects were sent to Storage. The presence of the hard drive was deleted from the list of evidence which automatically gave Dave, the officer in charge, sole possession.

“Your manuscript is mine now, Emil!”

It’s been your story all along!” Hope whispered. “Fate chose you!

Inspired, he walked to his writing desk by the window, facing a garden full of greenery, and sat. A fresh paper ready and a newly-sharpened pencil in hand, he could fill in the blanks Emil was not able to.

“I wonder if your muse is still around.”

I am here! You will not be alone!

Dave took a deep breath and wrote every single word that appeared in his mind. He has a story to finish.

(to be continued)



4 thoughts on “Append

  1. Please, let the fate be…i am so unpatience to buy your books from the library, Romania’s library…God bless you! i wish you an unlimited inspiration!

      1. this is the reason i told you…ACTION! i really want to buy your book…i love your blog…so i am sure i will love also your books.

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