“Emil de la Cruz, – No Other Love”

For the next two days after his meeting with Linda, he proceeded to write his report, leaving enough space for her input. In truth, the dead man’s case could be considered a personal crime. Except for the bloodied knife which was later proven immaterial evidence, there were no leads to point to foul play.

As for the body, no one came to claim it. The government was forced to bury it in a local cemetery.

Detective Moreno knew that all material evidence was destined to be buried in the Archives.The victim’s notebooks and other personal effects remained inside a box atop his desk. The hard drive which Linda requested to check stayed in the technical laboratory for safekeeping.

A bit bored from finishing his report, he decided to pick a notebook from the box. He sat back and prepared himself for a leisurely reading.

It was number one so he immediately concluded the contents related the beginning of the story. The faded quality of the paper, both the cover and the pages, showed it has aged.

The very first sentence shocked him: The bloodied tang of the kitchen knife was short.

With the quickest reflex honed to mere routine, he rose up from the chair and carelessly threw the notebook away from him as if it was a grenade that was about to explode. That was how it registered in his head.

Whatever notions he had with the supernatural, he tried to forget. To investigate further was to invite ridicule from skeptics at the station. He would not allow it to happen.

But he was not aware of his future. A presence began to shape it for him.

Don’t be afraid! Follow your instincts!” Hope whispered. “This is your story now!

A female voice caught him off guard: he backpedaled that he nearly fell down on the floor.

“Did I startle you, sir?” Linda appeared like a giantess in his perspective while he tried to keep his balance. She stood at the door long enough to witness his uncommon behavior.

“No, of course not,” he replied. The partial lie kept his composure close to normal.

“Sir, I need to see the hard drive to complete my findings.”

“Care to give me an overview?” he asked, finding his chair to regain his bearings.

“Adding to what I mentioned to you the last time we talked,  some of the email accounts are tied up to payment sites. If he owned the accounts, he was paid through them.”

Call it off! No need to disturb the dead! Leave it be!” Hope insisted. “Do the reading and bury the past.

Detective Moreno looked at Linda as if he was in a trance. The detective part of him wanted to see the case through its end but the unnatural experience he went through proved to be a stronger motivation to work alone.

“You have been most helpful,” he said. “I think there’s nothing more to add to my report. I will send your superior a note about your contribution concerning this case.”

Linda could not understand him. All the hours she spent in front of the computer seemed for naught. It did not make sense at all.

“There might be other crimes involved here, sir,” she cautioned.

“We cannot prosecute him now, can we?”

She shook her head, resigned that he was logically correct.

“I think so, too.” Detective Moreno smiled.

(to be continued)



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