“I see the future!”

Time was never a consideration, a measure only of seconds, minutes, hours, days. It was of no consequence to the love they began and would continue to share.

An uncanny pair, Joey and Leyla, surprised everyone on campus. Individuals who were strangers to each other, poles apart in many ways, but destined to walk a similar path to happiness.

She laughed at his assertion, softly slapping his cheeks to wake him up to reality.

“Are you a clairvoyant now?”

“I see where I am heading with you,” he said, holding her hands to stay on his cheeks.

“You know, I was first to see you in my life, not just a man, but someone I am willing to devote my whole life with.”

Joey kept his loving gaze on her face: she did the same on his.

“You’re a bit odd,” he admitted, laughing as he recalled that serenading episode she pulled. “Not a lot of women will display their attraction so openly as you did to me.”

“Blame my mother,” she jested. “I inherited her genes.”

“You took charge,” he continued. “For that I am most thankful. You showed yourself to me.”

“I never saw you with a girl,” she confessed. “I was intrigued like the others. I had my doubts back then.”

His loud laughter caught the attention of passersby, students who talked in whispers, swooning privately, retelling the most interesting love story of the year.

“Erika made a similar allusion which I did not understand at that time. That’s probably why she went to great lengths to ensure I connected with you.”

Leyla kissed him lightly on the lips, her affectionate appreciation for his presence.

“I am lucky I waited for the right girl,” he boasted, raising his voice for all to hear.

“Who might that be?” she pulled him down to stop his stunt.

“Someone who is different from the rest. Someone who will be the mother of my children.”

“Someone who acts like a man?” her question derived from the common observation of her.

“But in private, the most feminine.”

He did not need to be convinced but she explained her reasons anyway.

“I try to protect myself. I know in my heart, I will offer myself only to the man I love. The right man I love.”

“Who might that be?” he repeated her query, setting her response similarly to his.

“Someone who I love to be the father of my children.”

“Someone who you never saw with a girl before?”

“But who needed no proof of his masculinity.”

He embraced her, kissing her hair, letting her feel how he valued her love.

Their special day would have been totally private if not for the voices approaching them, riding the favorable breeze toward them.

“I am sure I know where the ants will lead us!” exclaimed one of them.

“We’re getting nearer!” added the other.

“They’ll take us to their honey!”

“No! Their mound of sugar!”

“Will you two stop messing around?” Liza yelled, keeping step with Eric and Tommy. Erika was not far behind with her constant companion, providing the loud background music coming from its speakers.

Joey turned his head and saw the quartet coming. Leyla has stood up to see what the noises were all about: she welcomed the distraction.

“It’s confirmed! It’s too sweet around here!” Eric announced excitedly, as if he found the mother lode of gold.

“There!” Tommy agreed, pointing to Joey and Leyla. “I’m positive! That’s their king and queen!”

Joey stood up laughing. The two, once foes, sounded like bosom buddies, bonded to their respective love interests. Liza and Erica happily watched their comical display.

“For your information, there is no Ant King!”

The lively quartet shook their heads, forcing Leyla to settle the issue once and for all.

“There is now,” she whispered, hugging him.

T H E    E N D



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