“Take those off!”

Erika straggled inside her brother’s room, scheming a way to make him like Leyla. It would not be an easy sell, especially due to her ultra-liberal style of expressing her desire toward him. She would have fared better if she came over in a revealing outfit; that was feminine.

“What?” she watched him motioning her to get rid of what was attached to her ears.

“If you enter this place, no earphones!” he shouted, unaware she had already removed them.

“I can’t hear you,” she joked, showing him the earpiece on her palm.

Joey continued cleaning under the bed, where mosquitoes often hid during daytime. Fortunately, too, he discovered a missing sock he had been looking for for days.

“Can I be of service to you, Miss?” he asked, noting she was quietly standing by the window.

“I heard she is a one-man woman,” Erika began the promo, creating an image of a faithful creature. “If I am the guy she approached, I’ll grab her and never let go.”

“Hmmm!” Joey sat down on the wooden floor and observed how a woman used her guile. “I am glad you’re not a guy. I could have kicked your butt right now.”

“Hey! I am serious here,” she went over and sat in front of him. “You ought to take her seriously, too.”

Not very often his sister would do something out of her nature. It would seem the absence of another girl, besides their mother, in the house compelled her to take the chance presented by Leyla’s appearance. She was poised to shower her with sisterly affection once he took her home.

“I saw her the other day,” he related, the memory enchanting. “She looked like a sore thumb walking with her friends who all wore dresses.”

“That’s her style!” Erika reasoned out. “She does not flaunt her body.”

“She’s an enigma to all!” Joey laughed. “I wonder what  she wears at home. A gown?”

“Don’t be so hard on her. Imagine if you should be her husband, you and you alone will see her …”

Joey saw his sister’s eyes rolled over: she was being naughty.


“her charm,” she wagged a finger on him for thinking of worldly thoughts.

“What is she taking up?” Joey changed the subject in a flash, leading her away for good reason.

“Home Economics. Why?” she wondered the significance of the shift.

“You should change course, then.” he teased. “Your cooking needs a lot to be desired.”

“Why are you evading the subject?” Erika was fuming mad, besides his accurate rating of her lack of prowess in the kitchen, his brother did not treat the conversation with importance as she hoped he should.

After keeping his silence for a while, he revealed what was on his mind.

“Okay, okay! You got me!” he confessed. “I do like her. There! I said it.”

Erika wanted to scream so loud for that wonderful bit of news. Hugging him was in order but she believed her celebration should wait for a more appropriate time: when the two became a pair for real.

“You’re just saying that to stop me from bugging you.”

“No,” he said. “You have no idea what she did to me last night.”

Erika beamed. She guessed her brother experienced the magic of love.

“She would be thrilled that …,” she slipped.

“Oh, you’re telling her?” he interrupted. “Is that it? You’ll ruin what I planned.”

“No! I won’t. I promise.”

“I will go to her house unannounced, do what a suitor does, and wait for her reply, even if it takes months.”

“I think you already know what her answer will be,” she laughed.

“Oh, no. I don’t. She’s a girl. She is entitled to change her mind, even at the last minute.”

“Is that a fact?” She was surprised to hear that gem of a thought, especially from a man.

“I believe so. My objective is to convince her not to.”

(to be continued)



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