“I can’t forget her!”

The residents of the entire village could have been sleeping but Joey was still awake. Only one problem existed, if he could consider it as one: Leyla.

Everywhere he turned to, her image kept appearing, even in the pages of his books.

Restless, he stood up and walked around the room. Tiring himself could do the trick of inviting sleep.

But she would not vanish from his mind.

“What’s wrong with me?” he whispered to his reflection on the mirror. It did not reply back.

He jumped back to bed and covered himself with a blanket. Still, she was there in spirit.

It was probably his curiosity about her that wove magic in him. With a downloaded track from the Net, he played the song once. That was enough to trap him.

“Goodnight, Leyla.”

He closed his eyes and smiled.

(to be continued)



4 thoughts on “Decided

    1. I chanced upon the version. I originally wanted the accoustic video but the character in the story listens to slow music. 🙂
      Thank you for following the series. 🙂

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