In an unnamed place, outside the hustle and bustle of the city, a small village had its residents awakened by the ever punctual roosters’ crows. It was often joked around that the animals were more reliable to announce the correct time in the morning than the government’s national standard time.

Villa Real was located on the slopes of a row of hills, populated by families of government employees. It was also called the Students’ Hive since almost half of its population attended schools.

One of the early risers went outside their house and surreptitiously approached a tall bush near the fence. Since sunlight has not penetrated the leaves of a big mango tree, the spot was still in the dark.

She sat down and relieved herself. The morning ritual was totally disliked by her mother who accidentally discovered it once: the old woman went out nervously because she suspected a thief was on the prowl.

Leyla was not the typical teen on the verge of womanhood. In fact, she acted like a man most of the time.

Her mother noticed her unusual preference in clothing early on. She liked wearing jeans. No dresses or other feminine-looking attire for her. Her distaste for showing more skin than necessary was evident when her brother gifted her with a bathing suit: he found out to his dismay that his younger sister could not be an asset in his scheme of things.

Eric eyed a certain beauty in the neighborhood. But to get any headway to enter the girl’s house , he needed to cross the bridge in the form of a younger brother, who unfortunately had Leyla on his sights.

At that point, his chances were as dim as a moonless night. He needed his sister changed into a real woman fast.

“You are a woman!” he snorted. “Act like it!”

“I am a woman!” she retorted back, “and I am acting like the way I like it.”

“Are you sure? I mean …” he let the remark hanging in the air.

“Oh, yes!” she confirmed. “In a few hours, my friends and I are headed to Joey’s house.”

Eric knew well the captain of the football team at school. Joey was a senior, the not-so-handsome player but a well-liked guy.

“What will you do there? Drool over and embarrass yourselves?” he laughed, a bit derisively.

“We’ll serenade him!” she proudly revealed.

If there were instances in the past that Eric was aware of, those that could be considered weird and unbelievable, what he just heard could easily fit the bill.

“You will what?” he glared at her with wide open eyes. “Are you crazy? Men do that! Not women!”

It was Leyla’s turn to laugh. “Bro, this is the twenty-first century. Anything is possible.”

Eric could not believe his sister was serious to recreate the spectacle of the year. He needed someone older and with authority to stop the insane idea from happening.

“Ma! Ma!” he yelled, calling for reinforcement. He could not fight his sister alone.

(to be continued)



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