Missing Beat

A comfortable Sunday to all!

I have to confess I was a blank yesterday, inspiration-wise. If you noticed the videos I shared were of different genres. It was like picking blind items from a menu without actually thinking although I believe the choices I made fitted a pattern, which I failed to connect into a workable scenario.

What do you know? I was a narrator without a story to tell. 🙂

Perhaps not, after watching this.

No ideas?

It does not happen a lot. But there are times, it could be a head-scratching episode. I get all the good bits and almost perfect dialogues while I am not in front of the computer.

One time, I was in the middle of the field, soaked in mud, planting palay, and boom!  Exciting scenes that seemed to play back in my head had to be written or they would be forgotten if I waited to finish what I was currently doing. Then, after all the rush to get cleaned up and prepare to write, bust! I failed to recall the sequences all together. Bummer!

This wrong timing happens at odd times, like catching a glimpse of a beautiful image and missing the opportunity to capture it because the camera was inadvertently left at home.

Well, right now. I have another story to tell. It is still a bit hazy but I am working on it. 🙂

Have a nice day, fellow bloggers!



9 thoughts on “Missing Beat

  1. I have tried to get round this by having a small notebook with me but sometimes, after a few days, I have found my notes so cryptic I couldn’t figure out what I had meant.

    1. Better connection, that is. (laughs)
      The inspiration is back with another wild story beginning with the post Modern. It’s a woman’s point of view, told from a man’s point of view (mine).
      Read on. 🙂

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