Sweet and Sour

Happy Saturday, guys and gals!

Wishing you all the best this sunny and windless day. Hope everyone is preoccupied with lively activities.

I wish to take this opportunity, too, to convey my deep appreciation to all of you who spent time and efforts reading what I have posted. You could not imagine how elated I am, every time I receive your positive comments. Thank you for your continued support. 🙂

Well, what do we have here in WordPress?

The Reader, obviously, has another modification. The widgets were transferred to the left side, which to my reading taste is very appropriate. I could concentrate more without any distractions unlike before.

Unfortunately, the like button is acting up, again. Once I clicked liked, I have to wait first to make sure it stayed that way. Otherwise, I have to click again (and again and again) to register the like. If that fails, I have to reload the page and start all over again.

Then, when I want to comment, the post partly disappears, retracting upwards, spoiling the chance to complete the process. I am not sure if this happens only to me. I wonder.

Also, there are sites that are not shown in my Reader anymore. I do not know where they are. I guess they are in some kind of a limbo or a Twilight Zone, hidden somewhere I could not reach.

I hope the Happiness Engineers take note of bloggers’ complaints and remedy our problems the soonest. Please restore to us the joy of worry-free blogging.

Other than those small headaches, I am still a satisfied WordPress user. I am here to stay. 😀


6 thoughts on “Sweet and Sour

  1. The comment part happened to me too…it sometimes like to play hide and seek and then freeze (╥︣﹏᷅╥).
    I like your stories very much but I’m a slow reader though. Happy weekend to you too ٩(˘◡˘)۶

    1. I just experienced that a few seconds ago. I just go direct to the site to write it again. 😦
      I am happy that you like reading what I posted. You do not need to read fast though. Take your sweet time. 🙂
      Have a great weekend!

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