Out of Touch

Do I go that way or this way?

Still undecided which was the fastest route home, I hovered for a while. Spirits who communicated using the King’s English and other variants joined me in the clouds. Realizing that, I hoped that by pure accident, I could interact with any of the monarchs from the continent. But I was afraid that even in their dreams, they were still tightly guarded. Shared journeys could be at play.

If I picked the shorter flight, I could be enmeshed in the highly-volatile situations currently happening in some of the territories of the Middle East. People there had living nightmares so it was an absolute certainty that their sleeps would be as troubled like their daytime travails of survival. I did not want to encounter anguished spirits that might induce similar dark moments in my consciousness.

While mulling that thought, there was a different rush of sensation that passed me by. I sensed countless spirits moving like a storm toward the West. I was almost convinced to follow them just to have company on my way home.

“Hello!” I greeted them. “Where are you going?”

“To America,” most of them revealed, mixed voices with different accents and languages.

“Why?” I asked, wanting to know if there was a special event out there I could also explore.

“It’s difficult to enter that country without a visa,” one enlightened spirit said. “At least with our dream flight, we do not need a passport or show money. We have free rides and can afford multiple visits later on if we wish to.”

The explanation made perfect sense. Poor people could at least travel unhampered while asleep. If in the real world they could evade detection, what more in the dream world where there were no boundaries to worry about.

I was already sidetracked several times at odd places. I had to pass the chance to check on Uncle Sam. At the moment, going home fast was my main objective. The old spirit, said to be guarding my body, might get bored and loaned it to someone else. That would be frustrating if I arrived and I could not enter my body because another spirit was having fun, messing up with my real life.

I had forgotten my last pose before my flight. Was my body inside a mosquito net, protected against insect bites? Or was I out in the open, perhaps sitting on a chair when I dozed off?

More questions cropped up while I flew by two large bodies of water. However, I could only answer them once I reached the body I was born with. It was the safest refuge for my wandering spirit to go back to and I wanted it only for myself.



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